Media of the Month: May

Well, we made it (almost). The semester is down to its final days, and we’re inching closer towards the sweet feeling of summer break. But whether it’s final projects/papers, or just final tests in general, we still have a lot on our plates as students. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed at this point of the semester, and we simply can’t afford to let that happen. From our point of view, the solution to having a balanced state of mind during these difficult times is to shift our focus away from school, when we need to, and place it on the things that make us happy: the amazing world of media.


Angel Olsen | All The Good Times

Even though it’s important to stay as focused as possible during finals season, there’s nothing wrong with being excited for what’s to come after. Honestly, it’s a pretty good way to be motivated to get this all over with… (in a good way, of course). Getting through finals season is a little bit easier when there’s a new Angel Olsen album coming out right as it ends. The renowned singer/songwriter is a favorite among indie listeners across the world, and her next album Big Time has already seen its opening track “All The Good Times” get released. It’s some of her best work yet, and it’s the ideal motivation for getting through these stressful times. Serenity is just around the corner!

dazegxd feat. Af1Shawty | Blame

There’s a lot to be said about finding motivation to study as hard as you can during finals season. But, if we only did that, we’d drive ourselves crazy. Sometimes we need to get off of our computers and let it all go. If you want to do just that by dancing the night away, there’s no better track than “Blame”. Rising dance producer dazegxd linked up with Boston’s very own Af1Shawty for this club banger. and it might be the perfect cure for the agony that comes with sitting at our desks all day preparing for tests and projects. There’s nothing wrong with a little dancing now and then, we need it.


White Hot: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch | Netflix 

If you told me that one of the best documentaries this year would be about Abercrombie & Fitch, I would’ve probably called you crazy. Well now that it’s on Netflix, I’m really glad it exists. Talk about getting invested in something that’s way outside of the parameters of most BU students’ day-to-day. This documentary on the immensely popular fashion line reveals some of the darkest secrets of the retail industry. From problematic business practices, to not-so-hidden racism, this doc tells the story of a brand that isn’t as innocent as many would like to believe.

The Girl From Plainville | Hulu

There’s really no light way to portray a story like this. The Girl From Plainville is Hulu’s newest drama series about the very real, and very saddening tale of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III. The Massachusetts couple landed in the public eye in 2014 after Carter gradually coerced Roy to commit suicide via text messages and calls – which landed her in jail for a number of months, before being released in 2020. This series is incredibly engaging, despite  the despair and emotional gravity that comes with it. It’s a must-watch for anyone interested in true crime series.


Pop Culture Happy Hour | NPR

NPR has great coverage on pretty much everything one can ask for in the realm of podcasting. However, “pop culture” usually isn’t at the top of people’s minds when listing the things NPR is known for. That being said, their Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast is among their best series by and large. Especially during this time of the year – the always-busy award show season – these episodes offer brief, yet detailed recaps of everything we need to know about the current happenings in pop culture week by week.

70 Over 70 | Pineapple Street Studios

Time seems like it moves a mile a minute during busy periods of the year, such as the one us students are experiencing right now. One thing that’s always important to keep in mind, however, is the fact that we’re still so young. A podcast like 70 Over 70 is a great way to be reminded of this. The Ambi award-winning series features 70 individual subjects over the age of 70 – offering reflections on their lives, insights they’ve gained over time, and so much perspective on aging and “living in the moment.” It’s a perfect way to settle down and remember that things are only stressful in the moment. We all still have so much more to do and accomplish beyond this single finals week.

Billy Bugara, Staff Writer

Billy Bugara is a 21-year-old creative, media specialist, and research student at Boston University. They currently work as a creative director at SoundCloud where they conduct community/scene-focused endeavors — including creative projects, playlist curation, artist relations, social media management, and more. They founded deadAir Records in November 2021, a record label that houses acts like quinndltzkdazegxd, and saturn. They are currently double majoring in Media Science and Sociology at BU, with a minor in Journalism. 

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Lily Roeller, Senior Editor

Lily Roeller is a second-semester graduate student earning her Master of Science in public relations here at BU. Prior to BU, Lily graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2020 with a bachelor’s in communication and sociology. She currently is an account supervisor at PRLab, managing two client teams. In her free time, Lily loves hiking with her dog and watching bad movies.

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