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AdClub started as a small club that mainly worked with organizations at Boston University. Over the past 10 years, the club has grown, and members continuously push themselves and their work to be the best. As BU’s extracurricular advertising agency, they offer content design, strategy, and research to other BU organizations, BU-affiliated companies, and companies within the Boston area.  

Photo Credit Tiffany Kung

I interviewed 10 E-board members of AdClub – from president to social media assistant – to learn about their daily work and responsibilities and feelings about AdClub. Their efforts have made the club grow and become more popular. 

Mariya Samardzhieva is a senior majoring in business with a concentration in marketing, and minoring in advertising. She joined the club her freshman year, and worked her way up to serve as president this semester. Samardzhieva oversees all deliverables and contracts, and creates the overall strategy and plan for the club. She pitches AdClub to clients, and works on maintaining community relationships. Internally, she works with Chloe Patel, the administrative supervisor, and Caitlin Nguyen, the VP of finance, to plan out events, budgets, and prizes. AdClub also focuses on providing benefits for its members. Samardzhieva maintains the corporate and speaker partnerships, which often help members find internships. 

“Every experience is what you make of it. If you don’t put in effort, then you won’t see results,” says Samardzhieva of her experience at AdClub. Her biggest takeaway is that if you continue to produce good work, the results will surprise you. 

E-board has nine other members who manage the scope of work, including strategy, finance, social, and creative. Each of them has their own responsibilities while also working together to ensure the club runs smoothly. Yadira Cabrera, the VP of accounts, helps the president give feedback and approval on the team’s client briefs & scope of work. Cabrera also attends client meetings alongside the president to help gather goals from clients and gain insight into what members can accomplish. Patel, the administrative supervisor, and Caitlin Nguyen, the VP of finance, work together with the president to budget for the organization’s event and administrative activities. Furthermore, Sydney Koo, the VP of strategy, is responsible for the strategy development of the club. She assists strategists when they have questions or need guidance, interviews potential strategists, and reviews and edits all creative briefs. 

Beyond the basic administration and client management, the E-board also has people in charge of creating content and managing social media. Tristan Huynh, the VP of social, and Olivia Hur, social media assistant, work on the social media platforms for AdClub, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Huynh’s job is to maintain a social calendar with a consistent posting rate of two or three posts per week with a cohesive branding guideline. Huynh works along with Hur really well, and they divide the job to increase interactions and drive social media insights. 

Lauren Barney, the VP of creative, and Harris Freeman, art supervisor, are in charge of content creation for the clients and the club. Freeman uses Adobe to design graphics and content. Barney oversees all creative deliverables and gives constructive feedback, and creates engaging creative workshops and lessons. In addition, AdClub has its own blog, run by Max Livingston, copy supervisor. Livingston also holds informational presentations about copywriting and facilitates speaker events. 

AdClub is not only designed for advertising students, but opens the door to whoever is interested to learn more about graphic design and advertising strategy. The club provides so many opportunities for members to pursue their passion in advertising – learning, gaining first-hand experience, and connecting with industry professionals.

If you are interested in advertising and want to have more hands-on experience, AdClub can truly be a wonderful place for you. Check out the website or email for more information.

Hanqi Wang, Staff Writer 

Hanqi Wang is a junior majoring in public relations and minoring in economics. She is originally from Shanghai, China. This is her first semester working with The COMmunicator. She was a mentor at Transition To BU and she had interned at Edelman China in the past summer. She’s passionate about working in PR agencies and communicating with different industries. In her free time, she likes to explore restaurants in the Boston area and travel with her friends.

Lily Roeller, Senior Editor

Lily Roeller is a second semester graduate student earning her Master of Science in public relations here at BU. Prior to BU, Lily graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2020 with a bachelor’s in communication and sociology. She currently is an account supervisor at PRLab, managing two client teams. In her free time, Lily loves hiking with her dog and watching bad movies.

Tiffany Kung, Staff Photographer

Tiffany Kung is a first-year graduate student studying Advertising. She is originally from Connecticut, and studied Marketing at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. After graduating early, she lived and worked in Beverly as a marketing coordinator and social media manager for one of the top convenience store chains in the U.S. for three years. She has an affinity for fine arts, and passion for photography. Tiffany is a huge foodie, and loves exploring around the North Shore.

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