A Walk Down Commonwealth Avenue

A walk down Commonwealth Avenue is a fundamental part of every Boston University student’s day. If you’re anything like me, you took this daily walk for granted. I never took the time to appreciate the scenery because I was too busy worrying about making it to class on time or getting home as soon as possible.

Photos credit: Lena Bardakjian

When we were sent home for the pandemic back in March 2020, we found ourselves having to spend a lot of time alone. The students are the heart of the BU community, and the campus definitely felt their absence. Months of isolation, despair, and loneliness made life difficult for everyone. Little things that were once taken for granted were given new meaning and appreciation — things as simple as a walk down Comm Ave.

As students flood Comm Ave this semester, things are slowly healing. A new beginning is here.

Commonwealth Avenue is a staple of the BU community. This selection of photos, to me, shows the life being brought back to Comm Ave after many uncertain and solitary months. 

Students have returned to campus, classes have resumed in-person, restaurants are opening up, and life in the city has picked up again.

 The next time you walk down Comm Ave, take some extra time to appreciate its beauty. The sun shines bright on Comm Ave when it rises at dawn, and illuminates it with vivacious colors when it sets at night. Through these photos, take a walk down Comm Ave and appreciate the city’s nature, architecture, and BU community. Watch the city come back to life. 

Lena Bardakjian, Multimedia Staff

Lena Bardakjian is a junior studying Public Relations and Sociology. Originally from outside of Philadelphia, Lena has loved living in Boston. This is her first semester working with The COMmunicator. She is also involved with BU Mock Trial, PRLab, and the Armenian Students’ Association. In her free time, Lena enjoys spending time with loved ones, listening to music, writing, thrifting, and traveling.

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