A Day in PRLab

Every Monday at 12:20 pm, students make their way into the COM 101 lecture hall for a very special class: PRLab. Founded in 1973, the award-winning PRLab is the longest-running student-led PR agency in the United States. PRLab fosters a dynamic, practical learning environment where students learn from real-world agency experience. 

Professor Amy Shanler and Professor Justin Joseph co-lead PRLab. Photo credits: Lena Bardakjian.

Led by Professor Amy Shanler and Professor Justin Joseph, PRLab allows students the opportunity to master and showcase their public relations skills. Students put their knowledge and real-world experience to use to deliver measurable results for clients nationwide. 

Students slowly fill the lecture hall. All-agency meetings occur once a week. Lectures, quizzes, and interactive conversations all contribute to PRLab’s success. This unique way of learning allows students to apply their knowledge to their work and gain confidence as aspiring PR professionals. 

Lena Bardakjian, Multimedia Staff

Lena Bardakjian is a junior studying Public Relations and Sociology. Originally from outside of Philadelphia, Lena has loved living in Boston. This is her first semester working with The COMmunicator. She is also involved with BU Mock Trial, PRLab, and the Armenian Students’ Association. In her free time, Lena enjoys spending time with loved ones, listening to music, writing, thrifting, and traveling. 

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