Q&A with Savannah Tindall, EIC of The COMmunicator

Hailee Hopkins: Why don’t we start off with a brief background on yourself — where you’re from, what you’re doing now, etc.?

Savannah Tindall: I’m from Tampa, Florida, and I recently graduated from Florida State University (FSU) with my bachelor’s in PR and editing, and writing and media. My background as it relates to The COMmunicator would be that I was Editor-In-Chief (EIC) of Strike Magazine at FSU and I was Editor-In-Chief of Philia, which is the magazine and blog for the Panhellenic community at FSU. When I had gone into my undergrad I wanted to be a journalist, so I immediately got involved in publications. Even though my career path changed, I still feel like it would relate well with my career since I’m currently getting my master’s in advertising and I’d like to be a copywriter when I graduate from BU.

Going off of that, I did notice in your bio that you have quite the experience in an EIC position, especially with those magazines at FSU. What inspired you to take on that role in the first place?

My sophomore year, specifically my sophomore spring, I kind of understood I could do something with a leadership role for Strike. The previous semester I had written a majority of the articles for the magazine, and I was like, “hey if I can write everything in this I can probably lead other people to write,” so Strike really gave me a lot of confidence. Before I had taken over as writing director, we had seven articles on our blog for the semester, and I started having us produce seven articles per week.

That’s awesome! So going back to the beginning, where did you find your love of writing and the field of communications pre-college?

Honestly, I’m really not a math or science individual, so it was kind of always English for me. Just as far as the whole field of communications, I studied abroad in Florence with FSU’s communications program to work on different campaigns that summer and it was the first communications course I ever took. I fell in love with the idea of just kind of being able to put together a campaign and the minute details.

So what drew you to BU’s graduate program and COM?

The summer of 2020, I did an internship with FCB Health at Agency Neon and my creative partner there was another intern named Proud. She went to BU for her first two years of undergrad and spoke super highly of it, and told me I should look into it for grad school. I looked into the AdClub and AdLab and I immediately fell in love with BU, and I felt it would be a great match.

Going back to The COMmunicator and your role there, what have you found to be the biggest challenges so far compared to your past roles?

I don’t want to say there are no challenges but I really don’t feel that there has been. The staff at Strike was 150 people and managing that many people during COVID in Florida was hard, but here everyone has been a lot more understanding.

So kind of going into more of the details or specifics of the role, what would you say your day-to-day looks like of your responsibilities as EIC?

A lot of the stuff right now that I’m doing is more email correspondence and big picture stuff.  Right now, we’re just trying to get our newsletter off the ground. We’re hiring someone for the podcast and we just finished hiring everyone for the multimedia team. There are just some tweaks that I want to put on the website just as far as how it’s displayed and just getting ready for that launch of our blog for the semester.

So you said you were very detail-oriented. Could you give an example of past experiences where you were able to kind of exercise that part of your personality?

Oh yeah, so my friend Lauren was the layout director for Strike, and I would get on Zoom calls with her and each one would be about three hours long. We would do it once every two days or so and text throughout the week to make changes to the spreads for our magazine. The magazine was 150 pages so I’m very Type A. I can be a bit of a perfectionist but knowing that I’m putting my best foot forward is something that I’m passionate about.

Wrapping up, what are you looking forward to most for the remainder of the year? With The COMmunicator and being a grad student here, where do your interests lie?

I’m really interested to see all the pieces that we put out this semester. I’m excited to get to December and look back at how we captured BU, and I feel like this is such an exciting time especially at BU. It’s really everyone’s first time meeting in person here on campus. It has been interesting having the new kid on the block experience along with everyone else. I think it will be bittersweet when I get to the end, but I’m excited to see how all our pieces capture the year.

Hailee Hopkins, Staff Writer

Hailee Hopkins is currently a junior in the College of Communication studying public relations. She was born and raised in Massachusetts and loves the city of Boston. Hailee is currently working on projects for her client in PRLab, and is excited about her first semester with The COMmunicator. Aside from school, she enjoys reading, fitness, and spending time with her two cats.

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