A rundown on BU’s coffee shops

Coffee is the gift that just keeps on giving. It’s the reason we all get out of bed in the morning. It’s a magical drink that keeps our eyes open during class. Boston University’s campus is flooded with restaurant options, but when it comes to coffee shops, there are really only three major hot spots: Pavement Coffeehouse, Starbucks, and Caffe Nero. Thankfully, they are all great places.

It seems simple enough, but the topic can be quite controversial when it comes to the best places to get caffeine on BU’s campus, especially when the options are minimal. So, I talked to several COM students to get their opinions on this dire matter. 

Pavement Coffeehouse

They aren’t just there for the bagels! Pavement Coffeehouse is right in the heart of Central Campus and a fan favorite of many BU coffee drinkers. For Hannah Tracy, a COM PR ‘23 student, an iced latte with almond milk is the secret potion to get her day started, and Pavement is her go-to spot. 

“I like Pavement because there is more seating than Starbucks and it feels cozier. I always bump into people I know from class, so it feels like a little community!” she commented.

Tracy isn’t the only loyal COM customer of Pavement. Jaliana Griesbach, COM ‘22 student and President of PR Lab, also adores the vibes, music, and friendly workers. She keeps her order simple with an almond milk coffee. Griesbach also likes the convenience of Pavement. 

“I use the app to order my drink ahead and get rewards. You can get $3 off when you spend a certain amount, and embarrassingly enough, I’ve achieved that many times!” she said humorously. She also noted that she spends hours there at a time doing homework, that is, if she’s able to score a booth! 

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We can’t ignore the iconic Starbucks, especially when there is one located on East, West, and Central campus. While it might seem taboo to some, Starbucks is a taste of home to others. Swann Schuessler, COM PR ‘23 student, grew up living in several different cities as a child including Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, and Atlanta. Each time she moved to a new city, she could always rely on finding a local Starbucks to get herself an almond milk latte to start the day. Now, a student in Boston, she is able to continue her tradition in another new city. 

“Starbucks is my go-to because I grew up going there, so it’s what I know best. It’s always open, consistently good, and they never disappoint!” she said. And she’s not the only one who considers it a stable homebase. 

Autumn Moon, COM Film and TV ‘23 student, says she often finds herself at Starbucks because there is one right next to her COM classes. She noted that even when it’s busy or the lines are long, ordering through the mobile app makes it a seamless stop during a busy school day. However, she’s not afraid to shake up her routine when she has more time on her hands.

“Starbucks is a homebase for me, [especially] when it comes to the best quality!” Moon said. 

Photo courtesy of Starbucks Everywhere 

Caffe Nero 

Located at the furthest point of West Campus lies Caffe Nero, a unique, Italian-based coffee shop. Because it is not located in the bustling center of campus like the other two, Caffe Nero may have the most relaxed, study-friendly environment out of the three. 

Sophie Moritz, COM Journalism ‘22 student, loves doing homework at Caffe Nero because of its calm atmosphere, and she finds the people who work there to be the most friendly. Ever since the Dunkin’ on West Campus closed earlier this semester, Mortiz often finds herself ordering an almond milk cappuccino from Caffe Nero instead. Because it is less crowded than the other coffee places on campus, she also likes spending time there to study for her upcoming LSAT. 

“It’s a great place to sit down and relax, and I can get a lot of studying done,” Moritz noted. 

Oliver Pour, COM PR ‘22 student, also enjoys studying at Caffe Nero, especially because it was one of the only cafes that allowed indoor seating for the 2020 school year. He believes that the large layout makes it the best spot to sit down and get work done. He also loves Caffe Nero because of their outstanding service. 

“Service is the key factor for me. As a person studying and working in communications, hospitality is really important and I’ve found that the workers at Caffe Nero provide the most personable experience,” Pour said. He noted that their punch card reward system also motivates him to go there because after several punches, he can get a free iced vanilla latte, his go-to drink.  

Photo courtesy of Caffe Nero BU

BU is looking much more familiar recently after the year of COVID. The need for students to gather together, study, and relax over a delicious cup of coffee has never been higher. Whatever your coffee needs may be, whether it’s the studying space, convenience, or the drinks itself, BU has a place, or two, or three to choose from. It’s an essential part of the day as a college student, so choose wisely! 

Greta Holtzman, Staff Writer

Greta Holtzman grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and is now a junior studying Public Relations. As someone who has always enjoyed writing, she is thrilled to be involved in her second semester as a staff writer on The COMmunicator. She is also a Public Relations intern with LaForce. In her free time, Greta loves doing ballet, developing her knowledge in makeup and skincare, and trying new restaurants in Boston!

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