Dating During a Pandemic

The pandemic has only increased the desire for a significant other and a human connection. Interestingly, couples dating during these times are having fewer distractions leading to deeper conversations. Dating comes with a regular fear of rejection but as the pandemic goes on and on, there is also the fear of infection! The usual ways of meeting people are vanishing and virtual dating has become the foremost trend of 2020. Singles, and some for the first time, are turning to online dating sites this year. 

Elle, went home from Boston in April to quarantine with her parents in Syracuse. “My mom just loves to pop her head into the screen during dates. After a ton of discussions, I just had to make boundaries: If I’m up in my room and know I’m on a date, don’t come around at that time and never ask me about how it went.” Dating while living with parents in quarantine comes with a high possibility that nothing can be a secret, and make things a bit tricky.

“I tried a couple of Facetime dates, which was a whole new experience for me and I didn’t have to bother about spending money or getting dressed. It was probably about four Facetime dates before I met this guy I’m dating, for almost five months now. He is in Maine, quarantining with his parents, and we bonded over the fact that we’re living with our parents again.” For Elle, the fact that she and her boyfriend are only able to talk over FaceTime has enhanced and deepened their relationship. “You get to know someone, which is very intellectually stimulating. It’s exciting to be experiencing a relationship like this one. Especially because it made me realize how important it is to have conversations before taking things further.”

Another friend of mine, Jack, found himself quarantining in his NYC studio apartment while his friends bunkered in big apartments. After spending two months in isolation, he was convinced that he needed a partner, and the need to physically touch another human. What better avenue than virtual dating or perhaps “Quarantine dating”? From conversations to socially distanced meetings, a Victorian-era sort of dating where the couples stroll in parks and strike up small talk to figure out future compatibility. “I think it wasn’t that bad, I felt it was a good way of weeding people out if one couldn’t catch my attention from a 6-feet distance. Subtle experiences like the moment when both take off the masks, with a little face-reveal, makes it surprisingly sexy!” Instead of meeting someone after a marathon of swiping and exchanging a few messages, perhaps, curating these in-person dates has become a great way to experience something new and exciting. 

Now, if you haven’t already, then you should watch how Satan and 2020 find true love in the viral ad! Their courtship runs on Taylor Swift’s “Love story” soundtrack as the commercial documents the couple’s journey in very “2020 scenes.” It’s ironically funny to watch 2020 and Satan having a picnic in an empty football stadium, with end zones painted in “WTF,” or see them as the only two enjoying a movie at the theatre. As they hit the local gym, we see every other treadmill closed due to social distancing. 2020 hits it off while grabbing an armful of toilet paper from the public bathroom! And many more… as Satan declares “I just don’t want this year to end,” 2020 responds, “Who would?” The ad closes with the title, “It’s a match made in Hell.” 

What better way to end this year while talking about Quarantine dating, or maybe “Quarandating”?

Staff Writer: Visishta Dingari 

Visishta Dingari, Staff Writer

Born and raised in India, Visishta is a second-year graduate student studying Master’s in Advertising, and working at TBWA World Health, NYC. Visishta has crossed career paths from graduating as an engineer to a marketing professional in the world of advertising. She has a combined passion for science, creativity and impact, which drives her to explore a career in Healthcare Advertising. In her free time, she enjoys running, traveling, and trying anything vegetarian. She is a staff writer for the 2020-2021 academic year.

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