A Conversation with Lee Altman

A Lexington, MA native, Lee Altman is like many of the other Massachusetts locals—he is a huge sports fan. A senior at COM studying Mass Communications, Lee’s sports enthusiasm has matured over the years, leading to three different sports related jobs and his own sports website. There is one distinct…

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A Talk with Exchange Student Alejandra Ortega Perez


Alejandra Ortega Perez is from Quito, Ecuador. Currently, she is a junior studying public relations at Boston University’s College of Communication. As a fellow member of the COMmunicator, we thought it was only fitting to shine a spotlight on her experience as an exchange student at BU. Leaving home is…

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A Conversation with Professor Jonathan Yohannan

Professor Yohannan is an adjunct professor specializing in corporate communications. He is also the director of PR, social media, and corporate social responsibility at Panera Bread.  The COMmunicator reached out to ask how he balances his multiple roles, as well as what advice he has for graduates entering the field.…

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