Reflecting on My Four Years at BU

Photo Credit Nick Telesmanic

Four years have gone by so quickly.

At the same time, it feels like forever since I was 16 years old in my childhood bedroom, packing my suitcase to take a college tour. Being from New Jersey, I had already visited a few colleges around the state. This time I was going to take a longer road trip and visit Boston University.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I grew up in Basking Ridge, a rural-suburban town that is much different from the urban environment at BU. I had never called an urban metropolis home before — every time I had visited New York City as a kid was for a day trip. And every time I would visit, I would feel out of place.

After the long trip, one of the first places I saw was the neighborhood surrounding Fenway Park. Even though the Red Sox were on the road during our trip, I was able to imagine the excitement and bustle this place would have on game days. The restaurants, bars, and stores were lined up everywhere, and the history could be felt. Growing up a big fan of the New York Mets and watching/playing baseball, this area felt like home.

I slept in a hotel right in the middle of this neighborhood overnight. The next morning, we set off to BU’s campus. Immediately after leaving Fenway, I crossed the Big Papi Bridge over the Mass Pike into Kenmore. The next thing I saw was a sign on the road that said Boston University.

I couldn’t believe BU’s campus was right here, within walking distance from one of the coolest sports neighborhoods I’ve seen. And the Red Sox were on the road too.

“I have to be at this school,” I said to my family.

And around six months later, I was accepted to the school.  I took my admission offer right away and knew this was home for me.

While growing up a baseball fan, I also grew up with an admiration for those who covered the sport and brought excitement to it. On Twitter, I would follow beat writers Anthony DiComo of and Tim Healey of Newsday. Both of them were BU alumni.

 I was not entirely sure if I wanted to be a reporter entering BU, but I wanted to be closely involved with sports and entertainment, and following these writers inspired me to enter the College of Communication.

After entering COM, I took my first steps towards my goal of becoming a sports writer at The Daily Free Press. After being trained, I was assigned right away to the BU Women’s Hockey beat. I would have to report to Walter Brown Arena at 7 pm on a Friday, tell admission at the front gate I was with the newspaper, and enter the press box.

Reflecting on this experience is very memorable. When I initially turned 18, I was still in high school writing book reports and solving math problems I didn’t have much interest in. Now, at the latter end of being 18, I was in a press box about to watch a sports game professionally. 

After getting in as many reps as I could covering games and reporting on BU Athletics, I was promoted to Sports Editor where I would lead the sports desk in my second semester at BU.  This led to many great opportunities later on, including being a Communications Intern for the New England Patriots Alumni Club, News Desk Intern with NBC Sports, and even getting to take over BU’s Instagram as part of their Terrier Tuesday series.

One thing I said in that terrier takeover that still stands true today is this: I did not think I would be able to receive the opportunities I did when I first entered BU. Once my first year was done, I was able to report on exciting sports stories and lead a team of beat writers. The next year, I was interning with one of the most notorious sports teams in the New England area.

As a senior about to graduate, my advice to incoming students is to never turn down any opportunities. From the FreeP to BUTV10 to WTBU, there are many ways you can kickstart your career in media. Try as many things as you can, see what clicks with you, and enjoy the ride. 

In addition, be sure to visit your professors during office hours! COM’s professors are experts in their field, and they have offered me mentorship and guidance as I formed my career path. They are more than happy to help!

Even though my junior year was different due to COVID, I still consider my decision to go to BU one of the best decisions of my life.

Nick Telesmanic, Staff Writer

Raised in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Nick Telesmanic is a senior in COM majoring in advertising and minoring in journalism. Nick found his passion for storytelling through watching his favorite sports teams — the Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Rangers — and imitating the broadcasters on television. Nick has previous bylines in The Boston Globe, The Bernardsville News, BU News Service, and The Daily Free Press. Nick hopes to take his experience talking to people through journalism, and utilize it in a consumer insights role at an advertising or public relations agency. In his spare time, Nick enjoys exercising, going to the beach, or working towards his objective of eating at every restaurant in Boston’s North End.

Nishtha Jadav, Senior Editor

Nishtha is a first-year advertising graduate student at Boston University’s College of Communication. She has a bachelor’s in Business and has previously worked in public relations, social media, and content writing. Passionate about storytelling, Nishtha loves metaphors and poetry. When she is not working, she is probably maxing out her pinning time for the day on Pinterest or journaling in her diary.

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