Join us as our multimedia team takes us on a photographic tour of Boston University’s most beautiful Charles River Campus architecture. Our journey begins at the edge of East Campus.


Throughout the year, Baystate Road represents the serene beauty of Boston no matter the season. Although there are architectural differences of each building, such as the color or pattern, Baystate Road unifies the unique beauty of each structure.



The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies is home to one of Boston University’s newest schools, supporting students in international studies. Located by the Charles River and tucked between dorms on Bay State Road, the school captivates pedestrians through its grand stature. With vines that sprout green during the spring cascading down the exterior, the Pardee School is a beautiful landmark that is an ode to naturalistic and historical architecture.

– Rachel

BU CASTLE – 225 Baystate Road

The BU Castle was built in 1915 inspired by Tudor Revival style architecture and is home to the Dahod Family Alumni Center as well as the BU Pub. 

– Lilia

MORSE AUDITORIUM – 602 Commonwealth Avenue

The Alfred L. Morse Auditorium — formerly Temple Israel — was transformed into an academic center following its acquisition by Boston University in 1968. Serpentine vines ornament the marbled exterior of this Temple of Solomon replica, undoubtedly capturing the admiration of those passing once coupled with flourishing hues of springtime.

– Gabriella

MARSH CHAPEL – 735 Commonwealth Avenue

Marsh Chapel rests on the Central Campus of Boston University and is used as the school’s official place of worship. The building was dedicated in 1950 and was constructed in the Gothic-Revival style.

– Qinjing

BU BRIDGE – Central Campus connection to Cambridge

The BU Bridge is located right off Commonwealth Avenue and Essex Street, connecting Boston University’s campus to Cambridge. Walking across provides a great view of the Charles River as well as the city skyline, featuring Back Bay and Downtown Boston.

– Lauren

HOWARD THURMAN CENTER – 808 Commonwealth Avenue

The interior of the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground is spacious, yet cozy, with a mix of historic and modern design elements. With floor-to-ceiling windows and geometric patterns scattered throughout the space, ambient lighting, and intricate tiling, students and faculty alike have the opportunity to work in an intimate social environment. 

– Tiffany

Lena Bardakjian, Staff Photographer

Lena Bardakjian is a junior studying public relations and sociology. Originally from outside of Philadelphia, Lena has loved living in Boston. This is her second semester working with The COMmunicator. She is also involved with BU Mock Trial, PRLab, and the Armenian Students’ Association. In her free time, Lena enjoys spending time with loved ones, listening to music, writing, thrifting, and traveling. 

Rachel Lin, Staff Photographer

Rachel Lin is a first-year undergraduate student at Boston University majoring in Public Relations in the School of Communications. Raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Rachel has always been passionate about authentic storytelling and multimedia production. Her constant itch to travel has inspired her to pursue international PR while becoming a cultural documentarian on the side. With a background of advertisement photography for her family’s business and more, she hopes to gain more experience in her first semester with BU’s The COMmunicator. Little things Rachel enjoys are listening to openers at concerts, scrolling through Yelp’s “Cafes & Coffee Shops” section, and performing at dance shows.

Lilia Bohensky, Staff Photographer

Lilia Bohensky is a senior studying advertising in the College of Communication with minors in deaf studies and computer science. Originally from Newport, RI, Lilia came to Boston University to pursue higher education and is planning on staying in the city after graduation. In her free time, Lilia enjoys reading, finding new TV shows, and exploring Boston with her friends.

Gabriella Sproba, Multimedia Director

Gabriella Sproba is an art and architectural history major and dual minor sophomore in the College of Communication and Questrom School of Business. Her lifelong adoration of art has manifested into  passions surrounding photography, illustration, poetry, music history, fashion and graphic design. As the  Multimedia Director and photographer for this year’s edition of The COMmunicator, she is thrilled to  explore and share the dynamic qualities of narrative through her creative work.

Qinjing Liao, Staff Photographer and Videographer

Qinjing Liao is from Chengdu, China, and a second-semester graduate student studying Marketing Communication Research at the College of Communication. She has a BS in Gemstones and Material Technology from the China University of Geosciences. She is currently a videographer for The COMmunicator, and she is also a diamond grader. Qinjing enjoys traveling, cooking, and collecting minerals in her free time. 

Lauren Witek, Staff Photographer

Lauren Witek is from Syracuse, NY and is a first year graduate student in the College of Communication studying advertising. She has a BS in health and exercise science from Syracuse University and carries a great passion for photography, editing, and being a creative. Lauren has dreams to work in the sports media industry and will never say no to a sporting event! She is extremely thrilled to be a part of the Multimedia department as a photographer and capture BU’s best moments through the eye of a lens (because it actually gets her away from re-watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 5th time).

Tiffany Kung, Staff Photographer

Tiffany Kung is a first-year graduate student studying Advertising. She is originally from Connecticut, and studied Marketing at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. After graduating early, she lived and worked in Beverly as a marketing coordinator and social media manager for one of the top convenience store chains in the U.S. for three years. She has an affinity for fine arts, and passion for photography. Tiffany is a huge foodie, and loves exploring around the North Shore.

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