The Top 5 On-Campus Restaurants According to a COM Student (And What to Order)

The clock is ticking in COM 109, and I am starving. I pass every restaurant on campus on my way home, and I don’t know how to choose. Am I craving sweet or salty, light or hearty? 

If you’re indecisive like me when it comes to choosing food on campus, I’ve compiled my top 5 favorite restaurants to help you find your next go-to spot and maybe even know what to order. Not to mention, most of these are also great study spots!  

5. Chipotle: A college staple

You cannot go wrong with Chipotle. It’s a staple for a college campus. Located right across from FitRec on West Campus, it’s a perfect reward after a workout. If you live on West Campus or the Brookline area, I find a hearty bowl from Chipotle to be a great dinner for the way home from night classes. I keep my order consistent with white rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, lettuce, and cheese. When I am feeling a little extra, I add guacamole. 

The Chipotle app is perfect for busy college students, or, I personally like going down the line inside the restaurant. Chipotle is a classic, but there are definitely some more unique restaurants on campus that are special to Boston and BU.

4. Pavement: Bagels on campus are non-negotiable

They aren’t New York bagels, but Pavement Coffeehouse has delicious bagels, especially sandwich-style. They have so many spread options, but I usually just go for cream cheese and avocado. When I’m extra hungry, I add lox, and I highly recommend it! No matter what toppings or spreads I choose, I always go for an everything bagel.

Beyond the bagels, I love Pavement for its study environment. Freshman year, my Intro to PR class with Amy Shanler was next door, so I went every day for a bagel and to get some work done. It gets packed with BU kids come lunchtime and you need a sharp eye to grab a table – so plan wisely!

3. Life Alive: the go-to spot for all things healthy

Life Alive is another hot spot on West Campus for getting in your daily dose of fruits and veggies. They’re best known for their deliciously warm grain bowls, but I prefer their smoothie bowls. 

No matter how cold it gets during Boston winters, I love getting the original Acai Bowl. My secret trick is adding a scoop of their Superfood Fudge. They are very flexible about their fruit options, so customize your toppings to your liking!

Out of all of these restaurants, Life Alive is my favorite study spot. It’s a bright, open room with a great vibe to get homework done. You could find me here almost every day freshman year, frantically studying for COM101 over an acai bowl!

2. Basho Express: A sushi paradise

If you love sushi and poke bowls like me, you must try Basho Express at the George Sherman Union. You can customize your order from start to finish and they make it fresh. I always go for the spicy tuna and add cucumbers, avocado, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce. This bowl is extremely filling. I don’t recommend eating one before exercising, but it keeps you full for hours. If you want something lighter, opt for an eight-piece sushi roll! 

I love the GSU during breaks because I run into so many friends and classmates. With that being said, Basho is very popular and the GSU tables fill up fast. Make sure you have time and order on the GrubHub app in advance!


  1. T. Anthony’s: Pizza. Period.

T. Anthony’s has my heart when it comes to the best restaurants on campus. The New York-style pizza slices come out steaming hot. Give it time to cool because I have burned my tongue several times when I was too hungry to wait! The cheese literally melts in your mouth, and the crust is the perfect balance of crunchy and doughy. 

I am a stickler for only eating plain cheese pizza, but I also love their mozzarella stick pizza. Hear me out: they chop fried mozzarella sticks into small pieces and cook them on top of a cheese pizza. It is a must-try! The pizzas are massive so make sure you bring some friends, if you’re willing to share.

Besides the pizza, it has great comfort food and breakfast. The chicken tenders, sandwiches, and salads are always a hit. T. Anthony’s stays open until 1 a.m., so it’s perfect for a late-night snack. Give it a try the next time you’re in West Campus!

Overall, Boston University students are lucky to be on a campus with such a wide variety of restaurants. The next time you have a break between classes or don’t know where to grab dinner, try out one of these and I’m sure you will leave satisfied. Bon appetit!  

Greta Holtzman, Staff Writer

Greta Holtzman grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and is now a junior studying Public Relations. As someone who has always enjoyed writing, she is thrilled to be involved in her second semester as a staff writer on The COMmunicator. She is also a Public Relations intern with LaForce. In her free time, Greta loves doing ballet, developing her knowledge in makeup and skincare, and trying new restaurants in Boston!

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