Media of the Month: March

Now that we’re a full year into the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become clear how much media actually means to us. Whether it’s a new book, podcast, or Netflix documentary, excellent, creative media have played a critical role in keeping us all sane. Even with all of the conversations on social media, there’s just so much content that it can be hard to figure out your next binge. For March 2021, we’ve done our research and cultivated a few recommendations that you’ll hopefully enjoy when you need a little escape. 


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis

There's No Such Thing as an Easy Job: Tsumura, Kikuko: 9781635576917: Books

There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job by Kikuko Tsumura – Originally hailing from Osaka, Tsumura is a decorated author with several Japanese literary awards to her name. There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job focuses on a 30-something-year-old woman who is determined to find the revered “easy job.” The book follows her journey through various jobs and offers a sharp commentary on what it’s like to be in the workforce these days. Described as a mix of genuine search for meaning and biting sarcastic humor, Tsumura’s book is set to release on March 23. 

Klara and the Sun: A novel: Ishiguro, Kazuo: 9780593318171:  Books

Klara and The Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro – His first novel post-winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, Ishiguro’s new book came out March 2. Drawing on the same idea of humanity that featured prominently in  his critically acclaimed Never Let Me Go, Ishiguro tells the tale of Klara, one of the human-like robots known as Artificial Friends, who studies the behavior of the human customers who come into the store. In true Ishiguro fashion, Klara and The Sun presents a profound exploration of life, technology, and love. 


“Every time I go to a movie, it’s magic, no matter what the movie’s about.” – Steven Spielberg

Minari”: A Touching Look at Farming, Family, and Fitting In – The Cherokee  Scout

Minari (dir. Lee Isaac Chung) – Hot off of two Critics’ Choice Awards and a Golden Globe, Minari tells the tale of a Korean American family. The film shows the Yi family’s struggles in growing a farm, the drama between generations, and the difficulties of being immigrants in Arkansas in the 1980s. Modest, with nuanced portrayals from all actors, Minari is an honest portrayal of life. 

Raya and the Last Dragon | Disney Movies

Raya and The Last Dragon (dir. Carlos López Estrada, Don Hall) – It’s been five years since a solo Disney original movie (2016’s Moana), so Raya couldn’t have come sooner. Debuting Disney’s first Southeast Asian heroine, the film follows Raya on her quest to reunite her land’s people and save the world by finding (you guessed it) the last dragon. Charming, powerful, epic, and endearing, this film promises to provide warmth, humor, and action. It’s perfect for all ages and allows a two-hour escape into the fantasy world of Kumandra. 


“Podcasting is great. Total freedom.” – Bill Burr

Song Exploder

Song Exploder (hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway) – Before it was a hit show on Netflix, Song Exploder initially started as a podcast and still has weekly episodes. Ever wonder how your favorite songs are made? Look no further. From catchy pop songs like Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” to the haunting theme song of Netflix’s DarkSong Exploder dives deep into what makes a song and how some of the best make music. 


Every Little Thing (hosted by Flora Lichtman) – Ever wonder how old Winnie the Pooh is? How you could be slightly less clumsy? Every Little Thing is here to give you the answers and invite listeners to submit their own questions. Lichtman and her team are determined to find the answers, and their hotline is open 24/7. 

TV Shows

“I believe film and television should reflect our society, and the reality is that there are people in many different shapes and sizes, ethnicities, sexual orientation – the list goes on.” – Karen Fukuhara

Bloodlands |

Bloodlands (created by Chris Brandon) – The BBC has been on a roll recently with its crime dramas (just watch Bodyguard or The Fall if you don’t believe us), and its most recent endeavor into the genre is Bloodlands. Set in Northern Ireland, Tom Brannick is a veteran detective investigating the kidnapping of an ex-IRA leader and a culprit who may be involved in Brannick’s own past. Only four parts, the series promises an addictive run with a twist that’s sure to surprise. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, there’s always the gorgeous Northern Ireland scenery. 

Genius: Aretha” Coming Soon To The National Geographic Channel | What's On  Disney Plus

Genius: Aretha (created by Noah Pink and Ken Biller) – The latest installment in National Geographic’s Genius anthology series follows the Queen of Soul. Throughout the eight episodes, the show catalogs Franklin’s rise to fame, her commitment to the civil rights movement, her struggles with the press and personal life, and her drive to continually improve her artistry. It’s also one of two current Franklin projects, so if Genius doesn’t satisfy you enough, stay alert for the premiere of Jennifer Hudson’s Respect.

Chiara Marshall, Staff Writer

Born and raised in Bermuda, Chiara Marshall is a second-year in the College of Communications studying Advertising with a minor in Psychology. A life-long lover of storytelling, Chiara joined The COMmunicator to hone her skills in preparation for her future career. She looks forward to writing this semester. In her free time, Chiara can be found swimming, paddle boarding with friends, or baking.

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