5 things to take advantage of during your time in COM

Your time at Boston University and COM are what you make of it. Before you graduate, make sure to take advantage of the hidden resources and gems that will make your BU experience more fruitful! Whether you’re in-person and on campus, or learning from anywhere else, all of these resources are accessible to you. The best part? It’s free.

Here are five things to take advantage of during your time as a student:

1. The New York Times and The Boston Globe Subscriptions

As students in the communications industry, it is vital to stay up-to-date with the latest news around the world. With the world changing rapidly, it is key to seek out credible sources. Luckily, COM students get digital access to The New York Times and The Boston Globe for free! Upon creating an account, you can log in on your computer and phone and receive real-time updates from anywhere, anytime. 

Register for The New York Times and The Boston Globe access, provided to you free during your time in COM. 

2. COM Writing Center

The COM Writing Center embodies a mission to “assist student writers wherever they are in the writing process.” Whether you’re on your first draft of an essay or seeking structural feedback in your final draft, the COM Writing Center will support you with all your COM-related pieces. From press releases, to screenplays, to editorials, the COM writing graduate fellows will work with you to provide constructive feedback. 

This spring, appointments are fully online with two types of appointments: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous is most similar to a live virtual tutoring appointment, whereas asynchronous provides you with written feedback from a tutor. 

As the end of the semester nears and assignments are due, be sure to make an appointment with the COM Writing Center

3. COM Career Services

With summer in sight and many students looking for internships or full-time opportunities, COM Career Services is your one-stop solution to getting started! From improving your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, to networking and more, COM Career Services provides students with various types of coaching and resources. 

Throughout the year, COM Career Services hosts a variety of workshops, too. Stay up to date with these workshops by setting up your Handshake account. While Boston University has a university-wide service known as the Center for Career Development and Educational Resource Center (CCD/ERC), COM’s Career Center is more catered to students looking to work in the communications industry. 

Students can make an appointment on Handshake and click on “College of Communication: Career Services” to get started. 

4. Free Creative Softwares

One of the best parts of being a student at BU is receiving easy access to high end software – all for free! All BU students get free access to Adobe Creative Cloud. This gives you the opportunity to explore Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Premiere, and more to boost your resume and encourage creativity. 

Beyond BU, there are various programs that provide an educational plan, which is free with a .edu email. Notion is the “all-in-one workspace for notes, tasks, wikis, and more.” Many students use this for brainstorming, mood boards, class notes, team building, and more. This user-friendly design will help you to organize in a way that works for you. 

Figma, similar to Adobe XD, is a collaborative interface design tool. Students can get creative with the platform, whether that’s design, collaboration, or brainstorming. Similarly to Notion and BU’s Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma is free and has an educational plan for students. 

Before you graduate, be sure to check out some of these tools – if not all. It’s a great creative outlet, a great skill to put on your resume, and can significantly prepare you for some of the ‘real world’ work you’ll be doing after graduation. 

5. BU Connects – COM Connects Group

Established in the fall of 2020, BU Connects is a platform for BU alums, students, faculty, and staff that has transformed the way we connect. This global network brings Terriers together from various industries and disciplines in a space specifically catered to making networking easier.

Whether you’re a current student or soon-to-be-grad, this platform is perfect for you! Similar to LinkedIn, users can message people, like and comment, and create posts.

Within BU Connects, there are industry and affinity groups that are specific to different networks. While you can request to join any group, as a COM student, it is highly recommended that you join the COM affinity groups. These include COM Connects, Entertainment Film, & TV Network, and the Media & Communications Network

To get started on BU Connects, visit https://buconnects.com/

These five services are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the resources and opportunities BU and COM can provide you. Be sure to check them out, and let us know what else you think students should take advantage of during their time here!

Anna Pham, Staff Writer

Anna Pham is a senior (May ‘21) studying public relations with minors in philosophy and innovation & entrepreneurship. Growing up in Silicon Valley has pushed Anna to love innovation and technology. Upon graduating, she hopes to work with a large tech company or tech startup. In her free time, Anna can be found traveling the world, graphic designing, or working on a new passion project. Her goal is to one day start her own company and visit all the U.S. National Parks!

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