Visiting Salem During COVID-19: A Photo Tour

In October, Salem is bustling again as Halloween approaches. But this year is a little bit different due to the impact of pandemic in the U.S. 

We went to Salem on a Friday; it gradually became cloudy in the afternoon. We parked our car in the public parking lot and saw the sign reminding us that we are in the mask required zone. 

Signs reminding people to wear masks are everywhere  

We realized that the entire town was not as crowded as last year due to the pandemic. In 2020, people became more aware of social distancing to reduce the risk of being infected by COVID.

I had visited Salem around the same time in 2019, and it was about a week before the Halloween. The town was super crowded, and people who visited there were super fanatic about celebrating Halloween. Sadly, we saw fewer people dressed up in their costumes in 2020.

A crossing road near our parking place
Photo was taken in front of a church
A well-decorated house for Halloween
A jack-o-lantern flag 

However, we could still feel the vibes of Halloween because of the store and restaurant decorations. They were so fun to browse, and we enjoyed stopping by the stores to see their unique store front designs.

A mid-size pumpkin figure
A mid-size pumpkin figure
Stylized store front

2020 is also an election year so the local citizens painted a Halloween-themed mural to remind everyone to vote.

A “vote” mural painting inspired by the Halloween’s iconic jack-o-lantern

To reduce the risk of getting over-crowded, the local police were put on a duty to prevent too many people from going on a street.

Local police parked in front of the Essex Museum

In Salem Common, there are five Halloween-themed murals painted by Salem’s local artists. Visitors are welcomed to take photos of them and masks are mandatory. We were expecting to see some costumed performers on the street. But the only one we met is here in front of one of the murals. 

Costumed performer in front of the art mural

Different from other years, the museums such as Salem Witch Museum and Peabody Essex Museum have significantly reduced the number of visitors and the capacity in the galleries in order to keep everyone safe. There is only a limited number of tickets sold online. Visitors should purchase tickets in advance before they come. Almost no tickets are available in the museum. If you are planning to visit your interested museum, make sure you check the policy on the website before you go.

Salem Witch Museum
Peabody Essex Museum
Salem Downtown District

Gary Wang, Staff Photographer

Gary Wang was born and raised in China. Gary is a second-year Master’s student studying Advertising in the College of Communication at Boston University. Prior to BU, Gary completed his undergraduate degree at Ohio University where he developed passions for commercial photography, marketing, and sales. Gary is a huge fan of basketball. He also loves to explore some new places around the world and he plans to have an around-the-world tour once he is out of school. He is also a big foodie, which he loves to try and cook different food at his leisure. Lastly, Gary has a huge passion for photo shooting and graphic designing. He used to get up at 5 am to shoot for some stunning early-bird photos when the lighting was soft and eye-catching. Gary is very excited to be a photographer for The COMmunicator for the 2020-2021 academic year!

Yichen Qian, Photographer/video editor 

Yichen is currently a graduate student studying Advertising in the College of Communication at Boston University.. Born and raised in Nanjing, China. She got her bachelor degree from Berklee College of Music. She has a one year old dog Nina. She loves music, movies and exploring food. During undergraduate, she was involved in video shooting and editing related works. She feels these works are really interested and wants to continue to work on videos and advertising projects. She has accumulated a lot of experience in the projects that she worked before. Yichen is looking forward to working with The COMmunicator this semester!

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