All Around the World: A Telling Conversation with BU Senior Anushka Singh

Anushka Singh, a senior studying public relations at Boston University, is currently completing her full fall schedule from Mumbai, India. Attending classes with a 9.5-hour time difference presents Anushka with a very different experience than most of the students in Boston. Ahead is a candid interview with Anushka, one of the many International students attending BU remotely this year.

Eliza Shaw: Tell me about yourself! Where are you from? What are your hobbies?

Anushka Singh: I’m a senior at BU, studying PR with a minor in business. I’m from Mumbai, India. I love reading, traveling, volunteering!! I’m studying PR at BU because I have always been super interested in communications — it’s so versatile and dynamic!! 

ES: What is it like attending remote classes with a 9.5-hour time difference? 

AS: It’s not too bad to be honest! Most of my classes take place between 7pm and 1am and seeing that I’ve been doing this since March -I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with getting into a routine. My professors have been super understanding too! In a couple of my classes where group work plays an important role, it feels like I’m one of the only few people whose so far away (compared to the other people in class) which makes me anxious sometimes.

ES: Other than not being physically on campus, what feels the most different about attending BU this year?

AS: The biggest difference about being LfA is that it doesn’t feel like its BU. Zoom fatigue is real!!! It’s hard to stay motivated through classes just sitting in front of a screen. I miss my friends, walking down Comm. Ave, Pavement and so much more! 

ES: How is LfA and being remote affecting your senior year?

 AS: It’s really unfortunate that I wasn’t able to be at BU with my friends for my first semester of my senior year. I feel major FOMO and I feel like I’m losing out on precious time being on campus, around my friends, experiencing my senior year! 

ES: What do you prefer about doing online classes from home?

AS: The one plus side of being away from campus is that I’m with my family. Especially in such unprecedented times, having my family around me really helps me and keeps me sane!

ES: If you could say one thing to your professors right now about how you and many other COM students are processing LfA, what would it be?

AS: To all the professors- be understanding of other people’s situations! Everyone’s experiencing this for the first time so be patient and kind. To all the students- a lot of people are probably feeling what you’re feeling so don’t be afraid to ask for help (academically or personally)!

So what’s the moral of the story? Well — everyone is adjusting to this new life we call LfA at BU. Whether you are in Mumbai, China, or Boston, everyone is struggling one way or another. Heed Singh’s advice and reach out to your classmates. Make sure everyone is doing okay and make sure you’re keeping up mentally and emotionally with life and school!

Eliza was born and raised in Westchester County, NY, and traveled a whopping 196 miles to attend Boston University in Boston, MA. She is currently a senior at BU studying Public Relations at the College of Communication. Eliza has worked two consecutive summers as a Social Media intern for ViacomCBS, acted as a blog writer for MediaGirls, and taken on the role of Public Relations Intern at Mystic Sons PR in London. Currently, she works as a Creative at Empath Worldwide, has a Public Relations role at The Center for Information and Systems Engineering at BU, and is a writer for the BU COMmunicator. When Eliza is not working or studying she enjoys being a diehard NY Rangers fan, eating fresh New York bagels, and sipping strong iced coffee! Once Eliza graduates from BU she plans to begin her career in Public Relations and Marketing.

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