Roaming for the Red

The past six months have been hard for different reasons. With quarantine forcing us into confinements, time difference disjointing our working and sleeping schedule, and endless hours on social media filling us with more than enough information, it becomes easier than ever to forget the need to take deep breaths and slow down. 

At least, that is the case for me. I found myself unenthusiastically scrolling my phone at the corner of a sofa or viewing videos without thoughts for hours lying on my bed. Pulling myself back from  to attend to academic 

While mental wellness had always been important, it was easy to neglect its existence as I ran around campus for classes and busied myself with club activities. I am going through this semester virtually from Taiwan. The physical distance away from campus and the friends I used to study with had brought my unstable mental to clear sight. 

As I am still highly engaged on social media, I begin to allocate more of my “scroll-time” to wellness promoting influencers. Nina Montagne, an Australian freelance writer being one of my favorites, frequently shares insight and her ideas when it comes to various thought labyrinths. She once shared on her Instagram story that she would turn her cellphone on Airplane mode, take a walk in the neighborhood with a color theme in mind, and take photos of it whenever.

So that’s what I decided to attempt. On one sunny afternoon at the tail of summer.

The color is red. 

Red can be the color of warning, but also congratulatory. It’s all contextual. It may be sweet and unexpected, as these berries of unknown name.

Hydrangea, blooming near the end of its season, is now accompanied by the sweet osmanthus (my favorite), announcing the arrival of fall. 

As small as this may be, it gave my busy mind something else to focus on temporarily other than my unfinished paper and my difficulty in trying to finish it. A breather to appreciate the smallest pops of crimson. Maybe next time I will try orange. 

Chung-Ning (Christina), Yang
Staff Writer

Christina is a senior majoring in Communication Studies and Film & TV. She was born in Taiwan and grew up in between China and Taiwan. Trying to take more initiation in writing, she joined the COMmunicator for the 2020-2021 academic year. Outside of school, she can be found watching a film with a cup of tea, dancing with her dance team, and trying out different food at home or restaurants. 

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