Quiet, but Vibrant: A Tour of COM During COVID-19

Go to School, Don’t go Viral—Before you enter the COM building, you will see a giant sign  sticking on the path with bright pink background and yellow words, saying “Don’t go viral.” This sign is trying to remind you that when you go back 2 BU, please don’t forget to put on  your masks and protect yourselves. 

Long Ranger—Taken at Student Lounge. Before COVID 19, Student Lounge was one of the  best places in COM building that brought students together outside of the classes. We shared our ideas here, we prepared our presentations here, we drank coffee and finished our homework here… However, because of the COVID-19, lonely chairs replace the sofas. There is 6ft-distance between each chair. The student lounge has become a normal classroom.

To Maintain Distancing—Taken at student lounge. Under each chair, there is a sticker saying “to maintain distancing” to mark the distance between each chair. 

Zooming— Taken at one of the COM’s classroom. Now, taking classes online became the  new normal. These lenses have become our virtual representations in the physical world.

U N I O N—Took at the lawn in front of the COM Building. We hang out with our  friends in a new form—wearing masks and keeping 6-ft distancing. 

Yiyang (Momo) Liu, Photographer 

Momo is a graduate student studying  Advertising at Boston University. Beijing,  China is her hometown and she got her  Bachelor’s degree at University of  Washington, double majoring in Communication and Visual Arts. She fell  in love with screen painting and digital arts, and had her own artwork exhibited in UW art gallery. She is a fervent lover of art exhibitions, and also a foodie, especially milk tea:) Momo is really looking forward to being a photographer for The COMmunicator this  semester!

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