Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience

Main Gate –At Franklin Park Zoo, corporates with Tianyu Art & Cultural Inc. All lanterns are illuminated with energy-saving LED lights

I went to Boston Lights on Oct 1st. That day was both the Chinese National Day and Moon Festival 2020. Got to parks, enjoy festival lanterns, and have mooncakes at Moon Festival were always my family’s traditions. I was so glad that I could still have this special tradition in Boston, a place far away from my hometown. At the main gate, there was a tremendous arch, decorated with pretty flower-shaped and butterfly-shaped lanterns that welcomed you. After you entered, you can hear the soft music, and the first thing that caught your sight is a majestic “197-foot-long dragon”. Twelve Chinese Zodiac signs were presented along with that dragon. Going down the road, you could see different lanterns in diverse animal features. There were pandas, flamingos, jellyfishes, and of course the Boston’s representative animal, lobster. Those lanterns lighted up the night sky. That night at Boston Lights was splendid and worthwhile.

When you enter the zoo, you will see the 12 Zodiac signs, from Rat to Pig. The Zodiac is based on Chinese Lunar calendar, every year there is a different one, after twelve years the cycle repeats itself. 2020 is the year of rat, different animals also represent different personalities. This is Dragon, the fifth animal in Zodiac, stands for bravery and ambition.

Snow leopard—Looks like these two snow leopards are going to fight for the territory- the snow mountain cliff

Pandas- One of the most representative animal of China. A huge panda family get together and celebrate for the festival

A Kingfisher—this is one of the kingfisher displays on the ceiling of arch alley. She is ready to fly to the sky.

Jellyfishes- Because I went there at night-time, all lights go off instead of the displayed lanterns. With the dark background, these jellyfishes really look like they are in the deep sea.

Koi- koi in China represents the good luck. It is displayed on the right side of the gate.

Yiyang (Momo) Liu, Photographer 

Momo is a graduate student studying  Advertising at Boston University. Beijing,  China is her hometown and she got her  Bachelor’s degree at University of  Washington, double majoring in Communication and Visual Arts. She fell  in love with screen painting and digital arts, and had her own artwork exhibited in UW art gallery. She is a fervent lover of art exhibitions, and also a foodie, especially milk tea:) Momo is really looking forward to being a photographer for The COMmunicator this  semester!

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