Q&A with Jon Ollom, Redstones Finalist for The Huntsmen

Jon Ollom is a senior in the College of Communication, majoring in Advertising and minoring in Film and TV. His script, The Huntsmen, was nominated for The Redstones, a BU student film festival held each spring.

Photo of Jon Ollom | Photo Courtesy of Seiji Wakabayashi 

Amelia Olsen: How’s everything going with The Redstones?  

Jon Ollom: The script that I wrote, The Huntsmen, was nominated for the Redstones awards. The Redstones are a combination of two different types of awards: films and screenplays. I am a finalist for the Fleder/Rosenberg Best Short Screenplay award. I was in the process of filming the screenplay, but we had to stop due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve been in the process of producing it since December, but class was canceled a week before our scheduled shooting, so we were never able to film it. The script that I wrote for the Redstones is still nominated though. 

AO: Congrats! What is the script about?

JO: It’s about this guy who lives in the middle of the woods. He discovers this weird group of people that hunts other people for fun. In the script, the main character rescues somebody who’s being hunted by this group of psychos. If I had to pick a genre, I would call it a thriller. 

AO: What inspired you to write that storyline?

JO: Last year, a couple of my friends and I went skiing in Vermont. We booked the trip super last minute, so the only Airbnb available was a single room, handmade cabin in the middle of the woods. I remembered the time when we couldn’t sleep at two AM — there were no beds, so we all slept on the floor. We began talking about that if someone came to murder us, there would be nothing we could do about it. Nobody could hear us or help us. I was thinking about that experience months later, and that’s where the script idea came from. 

AO: What was the writing process like after you had the idea?

JO: I had the idea sitting in my head for a while, but one day I had downtime at work and I just started writing it. I wrote it within two days in my free time at work— it was just something to pass the time. I wrote a lot of scripts in my spare time and for class, but I ended up liking this one a lot. I kept going back and editing it, and then my friends and I decided that we were going to make it. I’m a part of a film fraternity on campus, so I was able to pitch the idea to them around Christmas time and they liked it a lot. I kept revising it into February to make the script easier to produce, but then classes were canceled in March, so we ran out of time. 

AO: What is your idea of success for the script?

JO: The only vision I had was getting the script made into a film and I still want to do that, maybe over the summer or next year when the pandemic ends. I submitted it to the Redstone competition and then forgot about it until they emailed me back saying that I was a finalist. As soon as I found that, my goal for the script was winning the award. 

Note: Jon Ollom received 2nd place for the Fleder/Rosenberg Best Short Screenplay on April 26th, 2020 for his script The Huntsmen.

Amelia Olsen, Staff Writer

Amelia Olsen is a senior at Boston University studying Public Relations and English. This fall she will be heading to Oxford University to attend the Columbia Publishing Course. After graduation, she hopes to work as a book publicist in New York. On the weekends you can find Amelia working as a stylist at Reformation on Newbury Street or reading a good novel. 

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