London 101: A Day in My Life in London

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, the London Study Abroad program came to an abrupt end, and I have since arrived home safely. Although short, I miss my time in London so much, even with the miserable weather. This vlog records a day of my life during the internship session.  

London, I’ll see you again!

Ziqi Yang, Study Abroad Correspondent

Ziqi Yang is a junior in the College of Communication at Boston University who is majoring in Film and TV, and Advertising. She is currently studying abroad in London, United Kingdom, and will intern at Nemorin, a branded video agency. As a person who borns to travel, she wants more than just being to a city, but also being part of the city, experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. Her favorite quote is “Photography is the beauty of life captured”, and through her photos and blogs, she would like to share those beautiful moments with you.

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