K. ZIMMERMAN 42 WALLABY WAY SYDNEY: Americanos … But Make It Australian. Top Ten Coffee Shops In Sydney!

Coffee is the best drink on this planet. Disagree? Try going to the Starbucks in the GSU at 9 a.m. I promise that you will not make it to your 9:30 lecture. The line is always out of control, and that is because of one, society-driving, blood-pumping, anxiety-inducing, bowel-moving beverage: coffee.

My favorite part about coffee is not the taste, or that it gives me personality, or the interpretation of how my name could be spelled … My favorite part is how it connects people. One of the best excuses to indulge in socialization or bond with someone is over a cup of coffee. Coffee allows for the exploration of different areas and trendy cafes within a city, and this is invaluable when visiting a new place. For me, this new place was Australia. 

When I arrived in Sydney, I didn’t know anyone in the program extremely well. The best way to get to know other students was to invite them to study with me at a cafe. I made some of my best friends and even future roommates by sitting in a crowded cafe with an iced latte in hand.

Even better, the fact that Australia is known for its cafes and brunches guarantee you a drink and meal that is 100 times better than anything Starbucks has to offer. Plus, you’re supporting local businesses! So, to make your study abroad life easier, I compiled a list of my favorite places near the BU Sydney campus to grab a bevvy and brekkie with mates (that’s Australian for beverage, breakfast, and friends). 

1. Cafe Guilia: This will forever be my personal favorite. The workers are so friendly, the atmosphere is amazing, and the menu is longer than any other breakfast place in Sydney. It is a great place to study because it has outlets, WiFi, and plenty of sunshine. It’s also about a 10 to 15-minute walk from campus, which is super convenient. 

2. Heart Cafe: Located in Bondi, Heart Cafe was always a nice place to go before or after a day at the beach. Typically, my friends and I would go in the morning and get a huge breakfast, then tan or shop right after. 

3. St. George: I never ate here because it was a bit fancier for dining in, plus the seating was always limited, but the coffee was incredible and very quick for takeaway. It was only a two to five minute walk from campus, so I was able to go in between my classes. 

4. Concrete Jungle: This completely open, plant-filled cafe in Spice Alley is a little on the pricey side, but definitely worth a brunch visit, simply for the avo toast (Aussie for avocado toast). It is also a two minute walk from campus.

5. Sappho Books, Cafe and Bar: This spot is a bit further from campus, but worth the hike for a nice spot to study. Be warned — there is no WiFi, so make sure your hotspot is set up! However, it is also really nice to go on Saturdays because Glebe Market is open. The market is absolutely AMAZING and filled with so many fashionable, sustainable, and inexpensive pieces. I got a free Harry Potter polo shirt there. Check it out!

6. Soma Coffee: When I was in Sydney, they had a 2 to 4 p.m. happy hour, which was absolutely lovely. They had amazing coffee and banana bread, plus huge tables that were perfect for studying with a larger group of friends.

7. Suzie Coffee: Suzie Coffee was my FAV for a big breakfast. The interior was my favorite part, as the shop used old record cases as the menu. 

8. Speedos Cafe: Located near Bondi Beach, Speedos has the best view and is the most Instagrammed cafe in Sydney! The portions are huge but beware — it is always busy and you may have to wait for seating.

9. Something For Jess: This adorable cafe was a perfect study space. The food was so delicious and the coffee was even better. 

10. Bare Naked Bowls: This amazing spot for acai bowls reminded me of an upscale, local, and much cooler version of Playa Bowls. Plus, Surry Hills is a must-visit area of Sydney.

Some tips!

  1. Don’t order an iced coffee unless you are looking for a milkshake! Iced coffee in Australia means you put ice cream in your coffee. Australia rarely uses anything other than espresso, so make sure to order an iced latte if you are looking to drink an American iced coffee. 
  2. Don’t bother ordering just a plain hot coffee with cream and sugar. The worker will either be confused or give you an espresso shot. Your best bet (if you enjoy hot coffee) is to order a cappuccino or latte. Trust me, they are much stronger than the cappuccinos and lattes in the U.S. 
  3. Takeaway means to-go! 
  4. Tipping isn’t a thing, so don’t worry about it.
  5. Make conversation with the barista! Australians love talking, especially to people with American accents. Be friendly, and who knows … You might make some international friends and find more incredible places to feed into your addiction.
  6. Lastly … Enjoy it! And take lots of photos to remember it!

Keziah Zimmerman, Study Abroad Correspondent

Keziah Zimmerman is a junior studying Advertising at Boston University College of Communication. She is currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia and will be interning for the City of Sydney within the upcoming weeks. Her goal for the semester is to be noticed by Liam Hemsworth- she has DMed him a few times, but he has yet to respond. In the meantime, just keep swimming around Australia with her to discover the most Instagrammable cafes, beaches, and shops! Cheers from K. Zimmerman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!  

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