Brand Ambassadors at BU: Astoria Song on Living a Well-Planned and Different Life

“I did some math,” Astoria Song laughed. “I am having my first anniversary with Tiffany & Co.!” 

Song is currently a sophomore at Boston University. She is majoring in Film and Television, with a focus on the producing/management track, and minoring in business administration.

Song has a very independent personality as well as a strong focus on what she wants for her life. She is different from a lot of her peers.

Astoria Song, middle, in front of a Tiffany store

International Experiences Bring International Understandings

Born in Sichuan, China, Song moved to Florida by herself at the age of 14 in search of better educational opportunities. Not long after that, her parents moved to the U.S. to be with her.

Song spent her first two years in Florida at a local high school and lived with a host family. Later, she went to an international school, because she wanted to experience different cultures. That is part of the reason why she became a BU student.

“I have moved a lot,” Astoria said. “Living in different places is definitely a good experience for young adults, because after that you will know what you want for life.”

Be Proactive and Grasp Every Opportunity

At the beginning of the 2019 spring semester at BU, Song went to a clubs and organizations fair called “Splash.” There she came across FAB (Fashion and Retail Association at BU). She became an FAB member and received an email from Tiffany & Co. that announced a global program looking for student influencers.

The program was entitled “Tiffany & Co.’s Global A-LIST” (A-List stands for “Access to Leadership, Innovation, Style and Tiffany”). According to the company, “this is a carefully selected student style council created to bring together the top millennial fashion influencers in the city.”

­Among over 200 candidates in Boston, Song stood out and became one of the 12 college student ambassadors, six of whom were from BU. As a Global A-LIST influencer, she received some privileges, such as attending exclusive events with clients and staff at Tiffany, or trying on new products in stores. Therefore, she could learn more about the brand’s culture, history, and style.

“I personally consider it as a networking opportunity,” she said. “I’ve made friends from both inside and outside of my school, and I can also reach out to people from upper management.”

To work at Tiffany & Co., “You have to be passionate and kind,” said the store director that Song worked with. “Most importantly, you have to have personal connection to the brands.”

“Tiffany has always been a part of my life,” said Song. “I appreciate the brand because it’s simple but classy, and its jewelry can last forever.”

Choosing BU Over Other

Song received scholarships from several other universities, but she decided to study at BU.

One summer, Song and her mom flew to Boston for a campus tour of BU. “We fell in love with the diverse city and university where all kinds of ethnicities and cultures can be seen,” said Song. “But if we came in winter, that would be a different story,” she joked.

“BU is a school full of resources,” Song said. For example, BU offers a lot of study abroad programs, professors here are helpful and easily accessible both inside and outside the classroom. “They are the best resources that I could ever have,” she said. Another thing she likes about BU is COM Career Services.

On a more personal perspective, Song is amazed at the diversity of BU that allows her to build connections from all over the world. She is now involved in several student organizations, such as BUTV, BUTCC, BU Tridelta, and HerCampus BU. “I can’t stress this enough,” she said. “The diversity here is so great.”

Song will graduate in May 2021, and will spend her last year at BU split between Boston in the fall and Los Angeles in the spring.

Song is well-prepared for her career after graduation. She has always been passionate about the film industry since she was 11. “But the experience at Tiffany does help me see what else I can do outside of the film industry.”

“I am a person who thinks a lot about the next step, and I always stick to my plans,” said Song. She plans to work at a production company in LA for one year or two. “Although my dream company is either Netflix or Amazon Studios,” she said. “I’m down to take any job opportunity I can get.”

Lisa Qi, Staff Writer

Lisa (Wanrong) Qi is a first-year grad student studying Public Relations. She received her Bachelor’s in Journalism from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in China. Lisa has always found herself to be very curious with so many hobbies, she has a hard time keeping up with them all. She enjoys fitness, photography, singing R&B covers and is a huge fan of Mac Ayres.  Lisa currently runs a blog called Psych Park, where she shares her opinions on productivity, relationships, and parenting practices. Lisa’s biggest takeaway from grad school so far is “Don’t blame anyone for not knowing you. Consider your unique strategy and make yourself truly visible.”

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