Boston to Bondi #1: My Daily Routine in Sydney—Or Not?

Goodbye, East Coast winter. Hello, fun and sun! 

This semester, I took the plunge down under to Sydney, Australia to experience what will hopefully be the best four months of my life! 

I arrived about a month ago, expecting to immediately start soaking up the sun and hitting up the beach. As we exited the airport though, the sky was overcast and the air was a bit smokey. Well, we did just arrive in the middle of one of Australia’s worst cases of bushfires yet. But don’t worry, the fires are not too close to Sydney, and the skies are usually clear as day. So, what have I been really getting up to while here?

Every day, I wake up, go to class, eat, and sleep. The end. Sounds a little boring, right? RIGHT, because it’s actually the complete opposite—I have really no routine at all. In fact, every day is a new adventure in the unique, diverse city that I’ve settled in.

On Monday, I could be going just behind our dorm building to Spice Alley, a bustling alleyway that consists of all kinds of Asian street food for an affordable price. 

On Tuesday, I could be thrifting in a vintage part of town, admiring street art and poetry walls, and then cooling off with a cup of gelato. 

Wednesday, I could be sunbathing at Bondi Beach right before class and attempting to complete my search for the perfect bucket hat at all the shops in the area.

Thursday, I could be going down the road to Chinatown, a mere two-minute walk away, to snag a few 40-cent custard cream puffs or celebrate the Lunar New Year at a crowded night market.

Me and my cabin mates at our last surf session!

Friday, I could be heading down to Surf Camp for the weekend, hitting the waves and experiencing camp life.

Saturday, I could be found hanging out with chickens and goats at a unique brunch spot, just a short train ride away, surrounded by gardens and brick walls.

So many brunch places are amazing photo ops!

Sunday, I could be learning about Australia Day and marching in a protest for aboriginal rights at one point of the day, but then be watching fireworks at the Harbour during another.

Whether I am simply going to class or exploring the city, there has never been a dull moment thus far. Stay tuned for more adventures as I spend the next three months making the most of Oz!

Amber Chan, Study Abroad Correspondent

Amber Chan is a junior in the College of Communications studying Public Relations. She is currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia and will be interning at Haystac this semester. She can’t wait to try all the food and fun the city has to offer! Back in Boston, she is also a part of the Asian Student Union and is a mentor in the First Gen Peer Mentor program.

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