Why to Take a Wine Course

One thing I was most excited for upon my acceptance to study abroad in Sydney was the opportunity to take the wine course offered. Through the School of Hospitality, there is a course in Sydney dedicated to the Australian wine industry. 

I signed up for this course, mainly because I thought it would be fun. I had no idea how much I would learn. In the class, we have learned about everything from the history of how wine-growing began in Australia, all the way to the marketing and selling of their wine products today! I have really learned to appreciate the wine industry and the art that goes into making a fine wine. 

Everyone in the course was taken to a prestigious wine region, Hunter Valley, for a field trip last week. To see the vineyards and talk to winemakers helped us all grow further in our education on wine. Not to mention, it’s really fun going to taste wine at six vineyards in two days and be assigned to compare them all.

Photo of me and Annabelle Bennett on our field trip to Hunter Valley

It’s funny to think that before I started this course, I would smell a glass of wine and all I could tell you is that it smells like wine. Now, I am able to pick out specific scents in the aroma, and sometimes, upon tasting, I can tell what grape the wine is made from. I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go in my process of learning about wines, but this class has changed the way I think about the industry entirely. 

If there is one thing I can recommend to anyone thinking about studying abroad in Sydney, it would be to take the wine course.

Sammi O’Neill, Study Abroad Correspondent

Samantha (Sammi) O’Neill is a junior studying public relations in the College of Communication. She is currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. This semester, she plans to finally go skydiving– sorry, mom!

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