SUNSHINE WEST COAST: #6 Goodbye Los Angeles

The day after I captured this gorgeous sunset in Santa Monica, 
we had a whole week of rain.

It is 7 p.m. on Saturday and it’s drizzling outside now. As I sit in Terminal B at LAX, I’m writing this final blog to sum up my journey in LA. 

When we were packing this morning, my roommate Carolina said that it seems like just yesterday that I called her to ask for help with bringing my luggage upstairs, and now, we were all moving out. No more Diet Coke in the fridge, no more croissants on the counter, no more flowers by the window and no more gossiping while chilling on the sofa. Our apartment was empty again as if we never came, but we knew what a great time we had in Los Angeles. 

The Friendsgiving night in our apartment. I was the chef!  

My internship in LA was my first work experience in America. I started my work with concerns and differences, but I ended up gaining a ton of knowledge, warmth and inspiration from the people around me. At the end of my internship, my supervisor set up informational meetings with all the executives for the interns, so I got the chance to have conversations with the president and all of the executive producers who were constantly in meetings or on their phone. 

By the way, for students who are interested in live events production and broadcast, Done+Dusted is an excellent company. The working atmosphere in the office is chill and easy, and everyone works hard to play hard. People pay close attention to the interns’ needs and interests and bring them great opportunities.

The sweet note from my colleagues. I am already starting to miss them.

For my personal growth, well, first of all, my driving skills have significantly improved, which was an unexpected gain. Driving at 80 mph and merging in the busy traffic has become common for me. Moreover, by immersing myself in the professional environment, I have gained a deeper understanding of the industry. Now, I have a clear idea of my career goals. The great creativity and possibilities of the entertainment industry deeply attract me and I’m more determined to pursue a career in the business. I also met a lot of amazing people and began to build my professional network. 

Three months flies by in a blink, and it feels so unreal that the fall semester of my junior just ended. By stepping out of my comfort zone, I learned to be proactive and bold in expressing my perspectives. More confident, more independent and more experienced, I see myself becoming a better person. I’m glad that I made the decision to come to LA. This is definitely a rewarding semester and a highlight of my college life. Next semester, I’m going to London to take another study abroad program. Right now, I’m so excited to spend some time at home and prepare for my upcoming journey in London. So, stay tuned for my future blogs from England!

Goodbye Los Angeles! I’ll see you again. 

Ziqi Yang, Study Abroad Correspondent

Ziqi Yang is a junior in the College of Communication at Boston University who is majoring in Film and TV, and Advertising. She is currently studying abroad in Los Angeles and has an internship at Done+Dusted. As a foodie, she loves exploring great foods as well as trying new recipes in her kitchen. Her favorite quote is “Photography is the beauty of life captured”, and through her photos and blogs, she would like to share those beautiful moments with you.

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