Surviving Abroad with Kianna: Internship Diaries

Hello everyone! 

It seems as though my time abroad has flown by. Just yesterday, I was settling into my dorm and the new city of London. I have been here now for approximately six weeks and so much has changed in such a short period of time. For one, I started and finished two classes that taught me some of the intricacies of being a British citizen. Now, during the internship part of the London study abroad program, I am fully immersed in British working culture as an intern at the makeup and skincare company, Elizabeth Arden. 

This is the entrance to the Revlon/Elizabeth Arden office. 

I just wrapped up my first week at Elizabeth Arden and my impression of British work culture changed every day this past week. As a public relations intern for Elizabeth Arden and Revlon prestige, I find myself doing lots of background administration work that is needed to keep the PR department running. Being that this is my first real in-house internship experience, I didn’t have many expectations, apart from what my professors mentioned in class. 

My desk, barely decorated because I need all the space for packing boxes.

So far, I have spent my time at my internship sifting through social media coverage, prepping for a launch party, ordering supplies, developing a Christmas gift box for the Royal Family and packing lots of boxes. The fun fact I use whenever I talk about my internship is that the Queen of England says that Elizabeth Arden is her favorite makeup company. Hopefully, I will have the chance to meet her before I leave (probably not). 

This is the royal seal dedicated to Elizabeth Arden by Queen Elizabeth! 

“Beware of the boxes,” my professor told me before I started my internship. I do pack a lot of boxes, which only becomes a problem when I have over 20 paper cuts. But, I find packing boxes to be a soothing part of my internship, where I can look away from the screen and be (at least a little bit) active. At first, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to contribute to the strategy portion of public relations, but from what I could gather, a lot of strategy work is handled by higher-level, in-house and agency professionals.

A sample of the “Hero Boxes” that I pack for British influencers. 
The kitchen’s living space. 

I tend to spend a lot of my free time in the kitchen. The kitchen has free coffee, tea and sparkling water. Last week, I drank six cups of tea in one day — am I a true Londoner yet?  I look forward to the rest of my time at Elizabeth Arden because I am learning so much about my preferred working style and interests. 

Kianna Sanchez, Study Abroad Correspondent

Kianna Sanchez is a junior studying public relations at Boston University. She is currently studying abroad in London, England and will be interning at Revlon with Elizabeth Arden this semester. Kianna enjoys to travel, go on adventures, and give back in her free time. In Boston, Kianna is part of the Boston University Student Government and was the programming coordinator in the Public Relations Student Society of America.

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