Getting Pumped for PR Lab’s PRoBono: A Q&A with Lexi Glicksman

What is PR Lab and what do they do? With PR Lab’s ProBono event rapidly approaching, The COMmunicator sat down with Lexi Glicksman, the president of COM’s PR Lab, to learn more about PRLab, her role and the much anticipated November 15 & 16th event. 

Amanda Hirsch: What is PR Lab? What do you guys do?

Lexi Glicksman: PR Lab is the longest operating student-led agency in the entire country. We’re an operating profitable PR agency. We employ undergraduate and graduate students as well as staff members who are really interested in achieving measurable results for real clients, nationwide. We’ve been around for 41 years. During that time, we’ve been able to work with a wide array of clients.

AH: How is PR Lab set up?

LG: PR Lab is a class that students register for. This class is a lecture that only occurs once a week. The class is run by our professors Amy Shanler and Justin Joseph. During the lecture, they give us real-word tips we can use when working with our clients. We’ll have a lecture on crisis communications, media relations, social media. So every lecture is a different topic that will help us when working with our clients. The rest of PR Lab is really outside work— working with clients and teams outside of class. 

AH: What do you do for PR Lab?

LG: My job is maintaining a beneficial relationship with students who are working on their teams and the clients. I do not do any work directly with the clients. The account executives are the ones who work with each client to produce deliverables and do the daily tasks that need to be done with clients. 

AH: What has your trajectory into PR Lab and your position as president been like?

LG: In the spring of 2019 I was an account executive for Ben & Jerry’s, I loved every second of it. I had the best time with my team, creating all the different deliverables Ben & Jerrys wanted from us. I really enjoyed learning from the professors. I learned more than I had ever had in a class at BU. I was asked by my professors if I would be a president of client service and I could not turn down the opportunity. 

AH: Who are your current clients? What is it like to work with them?

LG: We have fifteen current clients. We have ten returning clients and five new clients. Some clients we’re working with this semester are Ben & Jerry’s, Good Will, BUPD (Boston University Police Department), Lux Box Company and Mastery Studios. 

AH: What does it mean for students to have this hands-on experience? 

LG: I think it’s really important, especially during college, to get that experience you’re not getting in a classroom. People have internships which is great. But what’s really special is that COM offers students this unique opportunity to be part of the student-led agency that works with real, Boston-based clients to get this hands-on experience that you’re not necessarily getting from a lecture.

I believe if you’re a PR major or a student in COM interested in PR, this is an essential class to take for your portfolio because you’re getting experience you wouldn’t get otherwise.

PR Lab’s E-Board, comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, poses for a photo outside the College of Communication.  

AH: You have an exciting event approaching, can you tell me about PRoBono? 

LG: PRoBono is PR Lab’s Hackathon-style event. Since 2013, we’ve been doing this to provide donations of communication services to non-profits in the Greater Boston Area. In the past, we’ve won multiple awards for our work. Last year we won a Platinum PR Award from PR News and Silver Bell Ringer from PR Club. There’s going to be free food, activities, and a nap room to recharge. 

AH: What do you expect to be the same or different as the event in the past?

LG: It will be the same in regards to the quality of work produced. Every year we recruit at least a hundred of the brightest and best Communications and PR professionals BU has to offer who are excited to do this kind of work. In terms of how it will be different, we will have new clients and give students a variety of clients to work with. And we will have different, fun activities overnight to keep students awake and excited. We might have karaoke, massages, facemasks, or yoga.

AH: What should people be most looking forward to at PRoBono event?

LG: People should be looking forward to doing good work for a good cause. The hands-on experience will benefit not only the students but the clients who work so hard to do good for our community and just need the extra support. 

Amanda Hirsch, Staff Writer

Amanda Hirsch is a senior at Boston University in the College of Communication majoring in mass communication. As a native of Needham, MA, she is a die hard Boston sports fan. When not watching a Red Sox or Patriots game, Amanda is likely to be spinning at SoulCycle or eating ice cream at JP Licks.

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