Sunshine West Coast #1: Settling Down in LA

The Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier


When the warm, early morning sunlight floods into the room, painting everything with glow, I know that I’m finally here, in the city of sunshine — Los Angeles. This semester, I’ll stay here for the LA study abroad internship program with the Film and TV focus. Let’s say goodbye to the storms in Boston!


Where I Live

After moving into the apartment at the Park La Brea, I officially started my life in LA. I have to say that I’m surprised by the housing, which is far better than Warren. Park La Brea is such a huge community that for the past three weeks, I’m still using Google Maps to find the pool. We live in a two-bedroom apartment with a commodious living room and a fully equipped kitchen. Luckily, our apartment is on the 10th floor, so we have a great view of the city. Right next to the apartment is the Grove, a big shopping area with a cinema and many restaurants. 


Looking out from the window of my bedroom – Los Angeles is so quiet at 3 pm.


Where I Work

LA is known for its prospering entertainment industry. I’m so excited about the opportunity to work here and immerse myself in the professional world. I’m currently working as an intern at Done+Dusted, which is a TV production and stage management company located in Santa Monica.

As a Chinese student, this is my first experience working as an intern abroad. The office culture is quite different than what is in China. Our company was originally founded in London. The British and American cultures, as well as the accents, blend in the office, which bring about more challenges for me. However, everyone in the office is very nice and with their help, I’m getting started on my job.


This is my favorite corner in the office. The photos on the wall are events or shows held by the company.


Where I Went

During orientation week, we took a trip to The Getty Center. The museum contains valuable artwork, such as the famous painting Irises by Vincent Van Gogh. 

Designed by Richard Meier with consistent use of white color and grids, the museum’s architecture itself is an amazing work of art. You can see the beauty of geometry and conciseness everywhere. What’s more, is that every window was ingeniously designed in terms of its shape, size, and landscape behind it. Looking through the window, you can find a painting that changes according to the time and season.


The Getty Center is located on a mountain and offers a wonderful view of the city.


How I Feel

After settling down in LA, my friends have been asking me: “How’s your life there?” To be honest, with the bright sunshine, amazing weather, busy traffic, beautiful coastline, various stores, great foods … Los Angeles fulfills all my expectations, but leaves a void in my heart. Moving to an unfamiliar city is psychologically harder than I expected. I feel a strong sense of loneliness and isolation as I step out of my comfort zone, but I know that it’s a challenge I must overcome. As a person who never gives up easily, I’m starting to build a new circle on the west coast as I look forward to my upcoming journey.


This photo was taken at our apartment community, Park La Brea. The gorgeous pink sunset reminds me of similar views in Boston.




Ziqi Yang, Study Abroad Correspondent

Ziqi Yang is a junior in the College of Communication at Boston University who is majoring in Film and TV, and Advertising. She is currently studying abroad in Los Angeles and has an internship at Done+Dusted. As a foodie, she loves exploring great foods as well as trying new recipes in her kitchen. Her favorite quote is “Photography is the beauty of life captured”, and through her photos and blogs, she would like to share those beautiful moments with you.

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