Secret Deals for Good Meals

I incessantly seek new places to eat, and I blame it on my home country. Back home, eating is a national sport and gatherings are commenced over abundant hotpots, sumptuous sashimi or a dry-aged tomahawk steak. But, I am a graduate student on a budget, so it’s no surprise that I instinctively look for the best deal. It’s no surprise, then, that I went looking for good meals at good prices here, and I’m glad to report that I accomplished my mission with a warm, full belly. 

I have to start with my latest find, just a six-minute walk away from COM: Futago Udon. While I certainly don’t object to you partaking in their namesake udon noodles, I have to highlight the spicy miso pork rice bowl. It has more than enough minced pork layered over a substantial serving of round-grain rice, and that poached egg on top adds another layer of texture to the meal when it’s fully mixed in. All this, for $9 during lunch time? What a deal.

I also really envy the luck that the School of Engineering students have. Their proximity to Scoozi means access to $5 pizzas. Yes, Scoozi serves entire 10-inch pizzas for $5, from Sundays to Tuesday evenings, and I end up there too often after class gorging on a pepperoni pizza and sipping on a beer (read that as coffee if you’re under 21!). On Wednesdays, they also serve fish & chips at $8.95, and I have to say the kitchen team at Scoozi made a good choice with the haddock. The fish is firm, not too oily, and batters well. The fries are crisp and chunky, and feel like a reward for making it to Wednesday.

Finally, I have to say, that the Bon Me food truck that comes around every week is amazing. Some of you are already dissing the Pho, but stick with me because that Banh Mi is audacious. They took what was Vietnamese street food, and turbocharged it with Char Siew BBQ Pork. That meatiness is balanced by the light acidic touch of pickled carrots and daikon so it never really gets cloying. For less than $10, it’s a steal. I don’t know how they came up with it, but I hope they never quit doing this. 

It does look like COM students are gastronomically blessed with pocket-friendly meals just a few steps away. Now, it’s time for me to sum up the energy to walk those 5 minutes in the growing cold to get to that next hot meal.

Kenneth Lee, On-Campus Blogger

Kenneth Lee is a second-year graduate student pursuing his master’s degree in communication studies. He has travelled halfway around the world from the equatorial metropolis of Singapore to live out his personal dream of studying in America. Kenneth loves the snow, finding new food, lazing to Netflix, and hitting the gym.

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