Sammi Samples Sydney: The Melbourne Experience

The last five weeks in Sydney have been unlike anything I could have imagined. I have spent days in sand dunes, learned to surf, explored both Sydney and Melbourne and so much more! I have eaten some of the best food I’ve ever had, and yet, I still have so much more to try. I believe that food is a very important part of experiencing different cultures. So, for the purpose of this blog, I will rate and respond to much of the incredible food that can be found in Sydney and around Australia.

This week, the school brought the students from my program to Melbourne. So far, this has definitely been the highlight of my time abroad, and I am grateful we are all granted this opportunity. Melbourne is one of the best cities I have ever been to and I instantly fell in love. As for the food in Melbourne, there are so many options and a wide variety to sample.

The first thing we did in Melbourne was visit the Queen Victoria Market. There, I had a mild bratwurst with sweet chili, onions and bell peppers (or as they’re called in Australia, capsicum.) Next at the market, we ordered big potato strings that came out spirally cut on a stick. My friends and I shared the potato and donuts from the American Doughnut Kitchen. The donuts are served piping hot with overflowing jelly, in bags of six. We left the market well fed and everyone had a smile on their face. 



During day two of the trip, I went to Humble Rays Cafe and ate roasted pumpkin for lunch (what they call squash in Australia). I decided I wanted to “ball out” for lunch so I had a green juice and a red velvet cookie skillet for dessert. The cookie skillet was served with toasted marshmallow and ‘fairy floss’ on top (also known as cotton candy). This meal blew me away, but I knew I needed to tone it down for dinner. This is when we heard about the burger deal at Naked For Satan. On Monday and Tuesday nights, the restaurant offers a 4-type variety of burgers for only $3! I had the fried chicken burger and ordered a side of fries. I was delightfully surprised when the burger came out and was a full-sized, delicious burger… and it only cost me $3?!



Both photos above were taken at Humble Rays. I could not have been happier with what I ordered there!


On the last full day of the trip, I went to an amazing donut shop right in town. The shop is Donut Time, and they have all different types of donuts, but to my delight, almost half of them were vegan. I sported out and got an apple crumble vegan donut (with an apple cinnamon filling). This was hands down the best donut I have ever eaten. I could not praise it more. For dinner, I found another amazing deal. This time, I went to Bimbo for $4 pizzas! I was again surprised by the quality of the pizza I was served, and this was probably my favorite place in Melbourne. The restaurant had the best atmosphere and I recommended it to everyone on the trip. I missed taking a photo of the pizza, but here’s a picture of some of its whimsical decor. Finally, after Bimbo, I went right next door to Girls & Boys and had the best vegan ice cream I have ever tasted. I had a double with a scoop of peanut butter and strawberry ice cream, and I got the chocolate dip on top. Everything in the shop was plant-based, and it was to die for. I wish there was another in Sydney so I could go again.


Started my day with sweets and ended it with sweets.. Seems to be a bit of a pattern.




Now that I am back in Sydney, I will have to keep searching for delicious food, like the many treats I found in Melbourne!




Sammi O’Neill, Study Abroad Correspondent

Samantha (Sammi) O’Neill is a junior studying public relations in the College of Communication. She is currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. This semester, she plans to finally go skydiving– sorry, mom!

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