COM Graduate Students Welcomed (Back) at Game On!

The COMmunicator attended COM’s biggest beginning of semester event taking names and playing games (with some food and drinks too!)

The bar is open!


There are few authentically Boston experiences than a welcome event in a bar situated at the core of Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox. Every fall semester, the College of Communication (COM) Graduate Affairs team hosts this inaugural gathering for new and returning graduate students. This year, the Welcome Back event was held on Friday, September 20 at the private bar in the basement of Game On.

Graduate students were welcomed with drink tickets as they joined other students, COM faculty and staff to mingle, order drinks, and help themselves to pizza and nachos. The private bar offered games such as cornhole, ping-pong, and life-size battleship. Students and staff formed teams to get in on the fun while many ventured into the open Red Sox batting cage.


A ping-pong game in progress.


“After almost three weeks of students having settled in, this is the first event where they can come together and get to know each other,” said Kayla Ring, Assistant Director of Graduate Affairs. “There’s a lot to do at the event and the students get to know each other and the faculty through games and drinks. This informal and casual setting really helps.” Ring also added that this event has been held at Game On in the previous years and the students seem to really like it.

Ariel Flugum, president of the Graduate Council, welcomed students as part of the council, inviting new graduate students to talk to the grad council members and sign up for updates from the council.


From left: Laurie Nichols, Daisy Jimenez, Ariel Flugum, Anan Yu, Amaris Chen


“I had such a great time at the event. It was really nice to meet new terriers, especially those in a different field of study within COM,” said Daisy Jimenez, Vice President of the Graduate Council and a second-year advertising graduate student. “I think it’s important to meet others outside of your cohort and I think this event was perfect for that.”

New graduate students interacted with the council and other second-year graduate students to gain more insight into the COM grad student life. They discussed classes, coursework, and other general activities they could do in BU and in Boston. 

“I loved it! The event was a total ice breaker – after two weeks of familiarity. It let me actually start getting to know my peers over our conversations and games,” said Visishtha Dingari, a new COM graduate student in the advertising program. “I had a super fun evening and a much-needed one to go beyond the peer-ship, meet loads of people and make friends at COM. Cheers to more!”




Nitya Ravi, Faculty Liason

Nitya Ravi is a second-year advertising graduate student from India. She worked as a brand and marketing professional for a leading telecom brand in India before deciding to pursue a graduate program in advertising at BU. She hopes to further her career in advertising strategy and planning. Nitya loves traveling, reading and exploring other cultures.

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