Humans of COM: Jessy Ahn

Jessy Ahn is a senior at Boston University studying advertising. After four years of making her way through the “COM” experience, Jessy sat down with The COMmunicator to reflect on the different opportunities she’s had and to share some advice for current students.



Leslie Oh: Out of all the classes at COM, which one would you urge all COM students to take?

Jessy Ahn: CM 417, Fundamentals of Creative Development, was a very useful class. Although the class is heavily centered around the creative process, it has helped me to learn skills beyond that. Working in groups taught me to collaborate with others, sometimes even in the midst of conflict in opinions and styles of work. It also built my presentation skills and allowed me to learn to give and take constructive criticism.


LO: Are there any specific COM professors who have inspired you?

JA: Professor Ryan does an excellent job of helping us through the creative process while teaching us lessons such as presentation and collaboration. Her experience in the actual field of advertising really adds to the value of the class.


LO: What is something you think all COM students should better advantage of?

JA: Use all of the resources that COM offers including Handshake and all the Resume workshops. The best part about being a Boston University student is that you have all of these resources at your disposal.


LO: Have you personally used Handshake to get an internship?

JA: For my very first internship I looked at all job boards [Handshake, Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor] that were available and applied to as many as I could find. For the first internship, there isn’t much room to be selective, so I would suggest finding and applying to as many as possible and be willing to take internships for the experience rather than for the prominence.


LO: What was your most recent internship like?

JA: I had the position of analytics and ad operations intern at Havas Media. I worked with various teams and clients to help with the operation of ads and synthesizing recommendations based on data.


LO: How has COM prepared you for your internships?

JA: AdLab truly prepared me for what life in advertising is like. I learned how to collaborate with students, to overcome conflicts in interest and ideas, to talk to clients in professional ways, and to work well under pressure during tight deadlines. Professor Ryan and Professor Berkovitz are both amazing and they really helped me to understand what a career in advertising entails.  


LO: Have any on-campus jobs helped prepare you for your career?

JA: The only on-campus job I had was my work study job. I’ve worked at the Student Employment office for three years at BU. Although it’s not related directly to my major and career goals, it has taught me valuable skills such as communication, conflict resolution, customer service, and collaboration.


LO: Any last advice to current COM students?

JA: I recommend studying abroad because, as cliché as it sounds, it’s really such a unique experience. Having the opportunity to explore to a completely different country and not only just visit and see it, but also study, work and assimilate, taught me to be more culturally sensitive, to adapt to different environments, and expand how I see other cultures and countries. For the internship abroad program, specifically, I recommend it because it’s a time for people to experience their field of interest through a different cultural lens. It really taught me more about the industry and all that it entails in a different cultural environment.




Leslie Oh, Staff Writer

Leslie Oh is a senior at Boston University who is majoring in advertising with a minor in international relations. She has lived in Connecticut, Korea, and California, but hopes to start her professional career in the Big Apple after graduation. She enjoys exploring new cuisines around the city and watching cooking videos online. Her biggest guilty pleasure is watching reality television shows of all sorts.


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