G’day From Down Under: The End of My Time in Sydney

The sun setting on Sydney, for one last weekend.


How did I get here? As I write this, I wonder how three beautiful months of sunshine, traveling, and finding a new home, flew right by me.

If, at the beginning of college, you had told me all of the things I did this semester, I would never have believed you. This semester has been jam packed with things beyond anything I could have imagined myself doing: flying on a plane for over 20 hours, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, traveling to Asia, and interning with an Australian advertising agency.

It can sometimes be a bit of a joke to say, “abroad changed me,” but these experiences are truly life-changing. There are times during my semesters in Boston that it feels like only me, the 3rd floor of Mugar, and the stressful assignment I have due tomorrow. The world is so much wider, and the only way to take advantage of it is to go out and see it.

My abroad experience has been everything I could have imagined. I am looking forward to bringing everything I have learned with me back to Boston for my senior year (which, omg, cannot be a real thing).

Returning to the hustle and bustle of Boston and New York will be extremely different now that I have been in the habit of viewing things through an Australian cultural lens. In my first few months back in America, I will probably question why everyone is walking so fast, talking so loud, and looking stressed about everything. I will try to remember that a balance of relaxation and hard work is possible to achieve, just like it is in Australia.

Sydney will always have a piece of my heart (more like a whole chunk, actually). Specifically, I will be leaving my heart at Bondi Beach, Mary’s burgers, Gelato Messina, and the town of Manly.

I’ll be back for you one day, Sydney.




Laura Jeshiva, Study Abroad Correspondent

Laura Jeshiva is a junior at Boston University studying advertising. She is currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia where she looks to travel, try new food, and have an internship at an advertising agency. In Boston, Laura is an ambassador for the College of Communication and a member of AdLab.





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