The W(e)iser Way to Explore Boston

Food Blogger, Kate Weiser (COM ’19) dedicated her college experience to curating @bucketlistboston with the hopes of providing Bostonia (longtime residents, newcomers and temporary visitors, or students) with an epic to-do list of Beantown offerings and beyond.


Weiser spends her free time exploring the up-and-coming burrows of Boston, new coffee shops, and museums.


The Instagram

Paving her way in a brave new world of influencer marketing, Weiser’s number one rule is authenticity. Kate Weiser (COM ’19) started her Instagram blog @bucketlistboston in Spring of 2016, during her second semester at Boston University. Weiser exemplifies the COM spirit with her entrepreneurial and self-starter ambition, gaining a following of close to 17,000 Instagram users. She feels a strong obligation and commitment to her followers, providing them with activities and restaurants to visit as often as possible, and strives to curate “the whole feel of Boston.” As @bucketlistboston has gained attention, restaurants and brands have increasingly grown to value Weiser’s carefully crafted content.

Weiser initially started @bucketlistboston in an attempt to be accepted into the innovative photo community on Instagram, @igboston. Although she was rejected several times for not having the “right” content, Weiser remained true to her mission of curating her own authentic version of Boston. “I’m glad that I can say I came out of a failure because that’s what motivated me to start the account in the first place,” said Weiser.


Bucket List Boston’s colorful Instagram feed.


A Day in the Life of a Blogger

The life of a blogger is not as easy as one might think, especially as a college student. In order to consistently provide her followers with content, Weiser found that she had to give up a chunk of her free time. “When I maybe should have been asleep, I found that I preferred to wake up early and spend the morning exploring or finding places rather than  going out at night,” Weiser said.


“That’s kind of presumptuous,” says Weiser, of labeling herself as an influencer.


Weiser is quick to correct the label of influencer, identifying herself more as a micro-influencer. “I feel that I’m not as big as a lot of the other accounts,” she said. “I think it’s kind of obnoxious to dub yourself an influencer. That’s kind of presumptuous.”

Even as a micro-influencer, Weiser was included in the Boston blogging community pretty early on. Her sophomore year, Weiser along with 12 other major bloggers, were invited to enter and photograph the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the hours before it opened. She described the community, which ranged in age from 22 (Weiser as the youngest) to 33, as collaborative and supportive. She cited Renee Jordan of @heythereney as one of the bloggers who provided her greater exposure to the rest of the blogging community.


Bucket List Down-Under

Last Spring, Weiser studied abroad through BU’s Sydney program, and challenged herself to create @bucketlistsydney. “I knew that when I was going abroad it was a good opportunity to test out the model in a different market,” she said. Impressively, Weiser was able to gain a substantial following in a new city through promoting on @bucketlistboston, word-of-mouth with students on her program, and through meeting Australians in person.

“I do my best to be an engaged resource and not just static. I want my followers to feel valued and like I’m there to support them in their specific wants and needs.” Weiser makes it a point to respond to comments and DMs from her followers and to provide them specific recommendations upon request.


The Height of It All

Weiser is grateful for the support BU has provided her throughout the years and went as far as to credit BU for jump-starting her blog. She has features in Terrier Tuesday, The Daily Free Press, BU Today’s “My Own Boston.” Most recently, a video for the COM Marketing Department allowed Weiser to get the word out about @bucketlistboston.

During the summer of 2018, “the height of everything” happened for Weiser. The Boston Globe published a story about her after Weiser relentlessly pitched her story using her PR skills.


A piece on Weiser in The Boston Globe.


Weiser has big plans for the future and she ultimately hopes to have a @bucketlist running in every major city. In the short term, Weiser is working on building a website as a second platform to enhance the recommendation service. Currently, she sees the shortcomings of Instagram as a well-functioning resource because of its inability to categorize and organize recommendations. Weiser’s hunger and curiosity to explore and tell stories through the lens of food is admirable, and we look forward to watching her continue to grow her brand.    




Nicole Toppino, Staff Writer

Nicole Toppino is a senior majoring in advertising at BU’s College of Communication. Originally from Los Angeles, Nicole enjoys traveling, loves nothing more than a good plate of pasta, and has a low-key-high-key obsession with the Great British Bake Off.



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