PRWeek’s 2019 Award for Outstanding Education


On March 21, PRWeek celebrated its annual PRWeek US Awards, distributing the highly anticipated awards to various agencies, schools, corporations, and nonprofit organizations for their esteemed work in the industry. This is the twentieth year of this ceremony, which is commonly referred to by PRWeek itself (and many admirers) as, “The Oscars of the PR Industry.” The amount of titles awarded has been limited to 41 possible winners. The “Award for Outstanding Education” which includes five criteria: faculty, student body and enrollment, programs and courses, workforce impact, and professional involvement and association, is a category of great importance, especially to BU students.

The 2019 finalists for the “Award for Outstanding Education Program” were American University School of Communication, Baruch College/SUNY, Boston University College of Communication, DePaul University and Elon University. Each school that submits an entry kit for the respective category must provide data and information pertaining to each subcategory.

Patrick Nelson, the Director of Career Services at the College of Communication at Boston University, proudly stated, “I think our application was incredibly thorough, strategic, comprehensive, and impressive.” He continued to note that the BU application included “the names and titles of some of our most successful alums working in PR, and the incredible agencies and in-house locations where they thrive.”

After careful deliberation, tireless dedication, and meticulous research, the PRWeek Outstanding Education Award for 2019 was awarded to Elon University. Elon University was applauded for its flexibility with the ever-adapting world of communications, as well as its student-led communication agency, known as Live Oak Communications. A fifth of Elon’s student body is composed of communication majors, creating a fertile ground for innovation and discipline.

PRWeek was sure to praise American University for its excellent communication program, with an honorable mention. More specifically, American University has recently launched a program debuting multiple opportunities and experiences for its students. One of which is, “a creative boot camp where teams were given 24 hours to complete an RFP (Request for Proposals) for a major lifestyle brand, a diversity fellowship with MWWPR (a public relations firm), and an eight-day LA Intensive program focused on networking with entertainment industry pros,” as delineated by the PRWeek staff.

The annual PRWeek Awards ceremony is an eagerly awaited event that honors the leaders of the public relations industry, rightfully highlighting the evident skill and talent present, while bringing them to the forefront of the industry. By distributing PRWeek awards to the gifted people, companies, and organizations within the communication industry, PRWeek, is thus establishing greater credibility and prominence for the winners of this ceremony.




Siena Tauber, Staff Writer

Siena Tauber is a senior at Boston University in the College of Communication, majoring in public relations with a minor in sociology. She loves to travel, read a good book by the beach, and binge watch Netflix while eating a popcorn and chocolate concoction.

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