LA LA Land: California Dreamin’

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that in my last blog I wrote about how much I loved Los Angeles and how surprising that was to me. Because I love LA so much, I figured I should share some of my favorite things to do here, like food, fun, and activities, so that others can fall in love with this amazing place, just like I have. I know I still have a lot more to explore, but here are some of my favorite places I have been to in LA over the past six weeks, along with some great recommendations anyone can enjoy.


A picture perfect sunset in Malibu County.


Because I’m originally from Florida, the palm trees and weather in LA remind me a lot of home, which is really nice because I actually am quite far from home. Fortunately, there a lot of cool ways to really soak in the great weather here. For starters, I would definitely go to Malibu and make a little adventure out of it, along with Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Pier. These two places are two of my favorite and are both much fun, whether you’re with family or friends.

I recently went to Malibu with my parents when they were in town, and it was cool to see because I had never been there before. We splurged and went to Nobu for lunch, which was a beautiful restaurant with delicious food. It was especially nice to see the beach, ocean, and gorgeous Malibu views. I went to the Malibu Country Pier and it was a successful shopping day– it’s always a good thing to get some new clothes! Additionally, Santa Monica is just as charming and there is so much there to do on a beautiful day. Whether you want to hit the beach, shop around, or act like a little kid on a rollercoaster, Santa Monica is a great way to spend a Saturday and soak up some Cali sun.


The laugh factory, one of Hollywood’s many well-known comedy clubs.


Since I was fifteen years old, I have been performing stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy professionally. Not only is this my passion, but I have also turned comedy into a potential career for myself, as it has become important to my studies at Boston University. Therefore, the comedy scene in Los Angeles has had a huge impact on me, especially through the experience of watching unique comedy shows. I have a lot of recommendations on where to find the best comedy in LA.

In my honest opinion, The Comedy Store showcases the ultimate stand-up comedians locally and from around the country. Bigger names in comedy, like John Mulaney, Whitney Cummings, and Marc Maron (just to name a few) perform here and it is world famous. I was lucky enough to perform at The Comedy Store when I was 18 years old and I can’t wait to perform there again one day. If you’re looking for other places to check out stand-up, try hitting The Laugh Factory or The Hollywood Improv. If you want to see some amazing improv or sketch shows, definitely buy tickets for Upright Citizens Brigade or The Groundlings. Famous comedic stars have come out of both of these troupes.


A sweet treat from Milk Tavern in Koreatown


Last, but not least, the food in LA is OUTSTANDING. Now that I’ve been here for six weeks, I’ve gotten the lay of the land, and let me tell you – the food keeps getting better and better. Recently I found Milk Tavern in Koreatown, which might be my new favorite ice cream place in Los Angeles. Brunch at The Ivy is a must. For sushi, Nobu or Sugarfish are both exceptional. I’m a big sushi eater, so my goal is to try all the sushi places here. I doubt it will happen, but a girl can dream!


Hannah Petosa, Study Abroad Correspondent 

Hannah Petosa is a junior at Boston University majoring in film and television. She is currently studying in Los Angeles and interning at The Ellen Degeneres Show. When Hannah has a second to breathe, she likes to watch The Office, hang with her friends, and perform improv, stand-up, and sketch comedy. She is excited to continue exploring the West Coast.

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