G’day from Down Under: My first week in OZ


My first week in Sydney was truly special. It felt great to soak up the sunshine in a young and bustling city, far away from the snow at home.

I will acknowledge that for the first few days, I felt a bit of pressure to love everything right away. I was missing home and feeling out of kilter from the time difference. Adding on to the pressure, I found myself comparing every aspect of my experience to my friends that traveled to Sydney this time last year. Now that that feeling has washed away, I have realized that this semester is all about my experience and making the most out of Sydney in the ways that I would like to.

The Boston University Sydney Program does a great job of planning the first few days in order to help us, as foreigners, get settled, fight jet lag, and meet fellow members of the program. For the first few days, we attended an orientation where we discussed what life would be like in Sydney, what our classes would be like, and the cultural differences between the U.S. and Australia. On our very first night, our advisors organized a welcome dinner and happy hour at a local pub in Darling Harbor. This allowed us to bond with not only other students, but also our staff and internship advisors. The event was extremely beneficial for fighting the urge to fall asleep, which ultimately made adjusting to the 16-hour time difference much easier.

Although we mainly attended orientation programming during our first few days, in that time we met one-on-one with our internship advisors. The internship advisors have incredibly impressive backgrounds and by focusing on our goals, they helped to place us accordingly.

The most exciting part of our first week was the BU-organized boat cruise around Sydney Harbor. Watching the sun set over the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge was a postcard-perfect memory, beautifully ending the first week in this new and exciting place.


I truly did not feel like I was in Sydney until I saw the Sydney Opera House in person, standing before me.



Laura Jeshiva, Study Abroad Correspondent

Laura Jeshiva is a junior at Boston University studying advertising. She is currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia where she looks to travel, try new food, and have an internship at an advertising agency. In Boston, Laura is an ambassador for the College of Communication and a member of AdLab.



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