G’day from Down Under: Going to Surf Camp

Studying abroad is all about trying new things. Before I left for Sydney, I made a resolution to take on new adventures, try different foods, and overcome fears. I decided to put that to the test by signing up for Surf Camp Australia at Seven Mile Beach in Gerroa, New South Wales.

I have never participated in any sport where a board is needed. I would not even consider myself coordinated or adept at sports. I tend to have trouble balancing, even on flat ground.

Despite all of this, I felt that if I did not take the leap and sign up for surf camp, I may never get on a surfboard at all. I am so glad that I decided to go.

At surf camp, we were given three, two-hour surfing lessons across two days. All of our meals were provided for us and we lived in bunks with our friends. It was a wonderful weekend flooded with all of the resolutions I set out for myself.


Photo evidence that I was able to stand up on the board and ride a (tiny, but mighty) wave.

I will not lie, surfing is difficult. It is physically draining, you drink so much salt water, and you nose-dive constantly (well, at least I did). Though, it really is true when they say, “Fall seven times stand up eight.” Or in my case, fall 80 times and stand up 81.


Laura Jeshiva, Study Abroad Correspondent

Laura Jeshiva is a junior at Boston University studying advertising. She is currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia where she looks to travel, try new food, and have an internship at an advertising agency. In Boston, Laura is an ambassador for the College of Communication and a member of AdLab.


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