Abroad with Celeste: Welcome to London


Welcome to London. I’m so excited to live abroad this semester and share my journey. As a new blogger, I am looking forward to sharing my stories and photos online as I *hopefully* transform into a Londoner in the next few months.

As a young girl, London was always on my mind. It seemed like a perfect place to me, regardless of the fact that I had never stepped foot in England. When I enrolled at Boston University, I knew that I wanted to take at least a few months to live abroad and experience something outside of what felt comfortable to me.

London’s energy is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Though seemingly similar to the United States at first, I quickly recognized the subtle differences that can easily make any American feel out of place. Whether it’s driving on the other side of the road, asking for “take away” instead “to go,” or trying to respond to the eternally cryptic greeting of “You alright?,” there are many ways to experience culture shock. Though overwhelmed at first, I have truly begun to feel a sense of “home” in the city.

My first three weeks of living and studying abroad have been filled with pure fun. Exploring new places and meeting new people every day have made me feel fulfilled and grateful. As an ode to my new home, here are some of my favorite sights so far.

There is nothing more iconic in London than the telephone booth. The red boxes are ideal for some cute (yet, often painfully embarrassing) photo opportunities. In tourist-heavy areas, you can expect to find them on every block.


Many of the classic telephone booths have been modernized with alternative colors and free Wi-Fi.


Oh, Big Ben. If you were like me and grew up watching movies like Peter Pan and The Parent Trap, you would die to see Big Ben. I was certainly upset to hear about the tower’s renovation project, which is predicted to continue until 2021, because the scaffolding covers the entire Clock Tower.


At night, you can still catch a glimpse of Big Ben’s sparkle.


I am still in awe of the charming streets in London. Some are bustling and some are quaint, but each and every street seems to have a character of its own.


A street corner in London.


The beautiful neighborhood of South Kensington is what I get to call “home.” Aside from the picturesque streets, South Kensington offers diverse culture that still holds a quintessential British feel.


South Kensington feels like a scene taken out of a movie.


Though originally meant to be a temporary attraction, the London Eye wheel welcomes visitors to London in the most spectacular way.


As the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom, this iconic structure truly lights up the London skyline.


The Shard is a relatively new landmark for London. My first glance of the Shard was enough to take my breath away, and I hope to find a chance to see London from the very top while I’m here.


Completed in 2012, the skyscraper is one of the tallest towers in Europe and offers 360-degree views of the city.


It may seem unoriginal, but Buckingham Palace has been my favorite sight in London so far– the building is stunning in person. As the center of the British monarch, the palace is the key emblem of royal hospitality. 


Buckingham Palace serves as a perfect place to take friends and family who are visiting.

The Tower Bridge in London is another iconic landmark that emanates national pride.  I spent my first night in London walking on The Queen’s Walk, which allowed me to experience amazing night views of the bridge.

Located across the River Thames and adorned with Gothic details, the bridge is an absolute must-see.


My first few weeks in London have been nothing short of amazing. I’m very excited to be able to share more of my journey through blogging. Cheers, mate.



Celeste Lim, Study Abroad Correspondent

Celeste Lim is a junior at Boston University, majoring in public relations. She is currently studying abroad in London, England, and will be interning at United Airlines. In Boston, Celeste is a member and PR Director of Her Campus Boston University. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, taking photos, and consuming vast amounts of lattes.



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