Planning and Pitches: Interning at London’s Founded

The end of my internship and the beginning of the rest of my career.

Through the Boston University London Internship Program, I had the amazing opportunity to spend time interning for Founded, which is a creative agency “for brands with a commercial agenda.” I worked with the account planning team, which was a perfect fit for me, as I hope to pursue a career in planning and strategy post-graduation.

This internship really prepared me by providing a hands-on experience within this field, and my responsibilities as an account planning intern generally included conducting market and consumer research to mine for strategic insights.

I performed competitive analyses, audited different markets and industries for our clients, and read research reports on market and consumer insights. It was a lot of work, but it was also the most rewarding internship I have had.

This is a view of the common space where I liked to sit and work on my research projects.

Aside from the really interesting research projects that I got to tackle, I think my favorite part of my internship was the vibe in the office. Everyone was super friendly and loved chatting about things to do in London while I’m here, as well as fun weekend plans. One thing that I noticed about British culture was how laid back everyone is, and that was also definitely reflected in the office space.

Additionally, the company recently moved buildings, so its office was new, and the interior design was Millennial inspired. It was open concept, with modern furniture and bright colors. It contained a ton of common areas, with plush sofas to sit and chat. There was always free food in either of the two kitchens, and the best part of all was all the free coffee!

Behold: Free Starbucks coffee, espresso, and lattes

I think the moment that I will remember most actually happened during the last week of my internship.

While I was sitting in the common area working, someone from a different part of the office called a meeting in the common space and began presenting a pitch recently won for a new client.

I got to watch and listen to an actual, real-life, client-facing pitch that spanned everything from the brief the team had received, to all of the research it had compiled, to the overarching strategy, to the final creative executions—which the team will soon release to the rest of the world.

I saw the end result of why so many people put so much time and effort into this process, and even though my internship was coming to a close, I felt even more inspired than ever to begin my career in this industry.




Amelia Henning, Study Abroad Correspondent

Amelia Henning is a senior in COM majoring in advertising, double minoring in art history and visual arts. She is currently studying abroad in London, and she spends her free time abroad on the hunt for London’s best chicken tikka masala.




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