Five Hours East: After-Hours Explorations

The reality of how soon I’m leaving London has started to settle in. Once I started my internship and realized that basically my only free time would be the weekends, I panicked a bit. I realized that there were still so many things I wanted to do, and, quite frankly, I didn’t have enough time to do them.

Why did no one tell me that working a nine-to-five job is exhausting?

So I’ve had to find ways to make time. The most simple way is to do things after work. I’m lucky enough to work close to the City of London, so I can walk to a lot of the places that I’ve been wanting to check out.

All of London is currently lit up for the holidays.

One of my favorite areas in London is Covent Garden. I’ve been there on multiple occasions, and I enjoy it every time. There are so many shops to stop into and a lot of restaurants to try.

Nearby is the ever-popular Seven Dials, which has its own array of unique stores. It’s also really beautiful there—especially in the winter, when everything is lit up with festive lights. Even my bus ride home from work is stunning.

A bit further away is Soho, where I’ve been able to meet a friend after work a few times, and even that is steps away from Chinatown. Having a delicious meal planned there after work is enough to get me through any long day.

In Soho, you can find London’s Chinatown.

If I’m feeling really ambitious, I can even walk all the way to Oxford Circus, which I have done once. A friend and I went for drinks—or should I say a drink, because it cost £17—at sketch on one Friday. It was an expensive outing but so worth it.

sketch serves tea during the day and cocktails at night.

Being able to accomplish some things after work is my saving grace when it comes to doing the things that I want to do and seeing the things that I want to see. I have plans to go shopping at some point in the coming weeks (since Christmas gifts won’t buy themselves), and I’m definitely going to go after work.

However, it does get dark at about 4:30 p.m., so I’ll have to find a way to survive without taking a hundred pictures of everything I do. Let’s hope I can make it.




Parker Sikes, Study Abroad Correspondent

Parker Sikes is a senior at Boston University spending her last semester in London. Studying advertising has revealed her passion for design and nurtured her passion for writing. As a small-town girl who prefers the city, she intends to move to Los Angeles, California after graduating to jump start her career. Parker’s favorite activities include driving, playing her Nintendo DS, reading, and using Oxford commas.

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