COMfused Comics: Metric Mix-Ups

As part of our fall semester, staff writers Sadie Devane and Nihal Atawane teamed up to create a series of comics describing what life is like for an international student coming to the United States. Their comics focus on specific slice-of-life (and culture shock) moments.

Please enjoy the team’s final installment of COMfused.



Nihal Atawane, Staff Writer

Nihal Atawane is a writer for The COMmunicator and a second-year graduate student in the advertising program at COM. He spends his free time thinking of witty comebacks for arguments he lost a year ago and watching wood-carving videos with his imaginary cat, Harold.




Sadie Devane, Staff Writer

Sadie Devane is a second-year graduate student in COM’s advertising program. Originally from southeast Ireland, Sadie traveled to Dublin to study Visual Communication at the National College of Art and Design before coming to Boston University. An art director and designer by nature, Sadie currently interns at Arnold Worldwide while completing her master’s degree.

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