Five Hours East: Rain and Shine in Brighton

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton

During my second weekend in the UK, I went on group trip to Brighton.

The day did not start out well for me.

I woke up roughly 20 minutes before the bus left, and it was about a 15-minute walk to the departure point. I had to run through some fairly heavy rain in order to make it, which was torture, as I am not in any sort of athletic shape. However, I made it to the bus in time, and I was on my way.

Upon arriving in Brighton, our first stop was the Royal Pavilion. If I was still in a bit of a bad mood from my less-than-ideal morning, this incredible feat of architecture and design took care of that. The Royal Pavilion was originally the “pleasure palace” (cringe) of George IV, and the Indian-inspired exterior and Chinese-inspired interior give it such an extravagant atmosphere. I spent nearly two hours in the Pavilion, despite the fact that our tour guide said that most people only spend about 40 minutes looking around.

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed inside the building, so I didn’t get to document the intricate designs and decorations. I would definitely recommend the tour to anyone who visits Brighton, though, especially those interested in design, history, and architecture. I was completely awestruck the whole time I was inside, and I’d be happy to go back again.

In the Pavilion, I also stopped in the tea room for a snack (a Welsh rarebit and a slice of cheesecake) during my tour.

My plate from the tea room

Once I was finally finished inside, I made my way toward the pier. I walked through The Lanes, which had a bunch of cool restaurants and small shops. Then I walked out onto a small path that looked out over the water. The pier and waterfront area reminded me of Santa Monica in California, which amused me a lot.

I walked back inland and stopped at a cafe called The Mock Turtle for a cream tea (not pictured because I ate it too fast) before heading toward North Laine, which had more small restaurants and shops. As I was shopping around, the sun (finally) emerged.

The sunshine brought out all of the color and art in the streets of Brighton. I took a lot of pictures and walked down some alleys that did not lead where I thought they would.

As my day went on, the sun eventually came out.

All in all, I had a wonderful time in Brighton, and I’m glad that my day turned around. I didn’t think I was going to have any fun due to my rough start, but I got a glimpse of the treasures that Brighton holds, and hopefully, I’ll get to go back again (with more cash next time).



Parker Sikes, Study Abroad Correspondent

Parker Sikes is a senior at Boston University spending her last semester in London. Studying advertising has revealed her passion for design and nurtured her passion for writing. As a small-town girl who prefers the city, she intends to move to Los Angeles, California after graduating to jump start her career. Parker’s favorite activities include driving, playing her Nintendo DS, reading, and using Oxford commas.


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