Blogs From Los Angeles: Exploring LA on a Student Budget

Welcome to Los Angeles, California, a city brimming with entertainment, traffic, celebrities, towering palm trees, and so much more.

There are tons of things to do in this city, and if you do them right, you can cover a lot of ground with a small (or no) budget.

Here, I’ve highlighted just a few:

The Getty

Getty Museum

If you like looking at breathtaking views like I do, this place is a prize.

Aside from the world-class collection of paintings, fashion exhibits, and intriguing sculptures, the museum also has a huge garden and a gorgeous view of the city. I would personally suggest going in the evening so you can catch the sunset and the city lights. If you are lucky, you can catch a free show at the museum.
P.S: If you are looking specifically for views, I recommend hiking along Runyon Canyon or the Griffith Observatory. The view is worth the hike.

Walk of Fame

Who doesn’t love the glamor of Hollywood? This famous sidewalk is one of the must-do’s in LA. This is where you can find the stars that honor LA’s finest (and where you can find the biggest crowds).

An insider tip to all those on a budget: You can find tickets to three attractions for $35. Make use of this to tour your favorite attractions. Madame Tussauds, Grammy Live, and The Starline tours are my personal favorites.

P.S: Be prepared for long walks. There is so much to do here. If you decide to walk in the morning, be sure to take a hat and sunglasses with you.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Audience Tapings

Another fun thing about LA is that many live shows tape here.

I’ve always wondered what it would be to watch a show live and to be part of the audience. If you want to make the most out of your LA experience, visit at least one audience taping. The good news is that they’re free. The bad news is that they have a high demand. I suggest reserving tickets well in advance at or

Rodeo Drive

You probably already know Beverly Hills for its celebrity sightings and luxurious stores. The celebrity sightings part is particularly exciting. Even if you are not a huge fan, I recommend you still do visit this area. It is so much fun.

At the very heart of Beverly Hills, you’ll find the famous shopping street, Rodeo Drive. At this luxury shopping hub, you’ll discover all things glamorous.

The Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier & Beach

The beaches on the west coast have my heart.

If you are okay with crowds and fun events, visit Santa Monica. The beach is accessible, with a short commute. It has both train and bus routes that can take you directly to the beach. Plus, the pier has fun food, rides, and music. I spent a whole day at the beach, and trust me, there’s a lot of things you could do down there.

While you are in Santa Monica, I highly recommend walking down to the Third Street Promenade. It has music, prominent stores, malls, fountains, and the aesthetics of a French street (not to mention Instagram-worthy views).

Los Angeles is too huge to explore in few days. Every week, the Boston University LA staff helps us find fun and affordable events around the city.


Sruthi Dhulipala, West Coast Correspondent

Sruthi is a second-year PR graduate student and an aspiring publicist. Singing is her panacea from reality and completes her as a person. It is also her life’s goal to practice music therapy and promote it for the benefit of people. An ardent dreamer and self-professed book dragon, she can never be anything but the most dedicated marvel-nerd.

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