Blogs from Abroad: Welcome to London, Mate

It’s here!

The moment I had been waiting for my entire summer: Fall Study Abroad. In reality, I had been planning and counting down the days since I had been accepted into the London Internship Program back in March, but I quickly realized that you can’t plan for the unexpected. When studying abroad, you live spontaneously–discovering new, hidden nooks of the city you’d never imagined exist.

Yes, I already sound like that “study-abroad-changed-my-life” girl. I apologize for nothing.

I am incredibly excited to study abroad this semester, but I am even more excited that I get to share my experiences by blogging. Though I was not able to smuggle you across the Atlantic Ocean in my luggage, I still want you to be able to tag along on my journey and get a taste of life in London.

Adapting to a new environment can be quite challenging; however, it is nothing I haven’t dealt with before. I am from São Paulo, Brazil, but I moved to the United States when I was 12 and have since lived in three different states. Compared to my dramatic moves growing up, getting used to London has been a piece of strawberry shortbread cake with earl grey afternoon tea. Literally.

You know the Brits take these things particularly seriously.

However, other than the obvious posh accent, obsession with tea, and respect for the royalty, there are other discrepancies between the UK and the US that I am learning to get used to.

For example, the British drive on the “wrong” side of the road and have giant signs on the crosswalks indicating to “look right” or to “look left,” so that stupid tourists like me avoid getting run over.

I have been running around this city nonstop since I arrived. It feels ridiculous to say, but just by living here for a little over a week, I have already started to call this place home. More importantly, it feels like home.

Yes, I still haven’t purchased adapters for my American chargers or hooks to hang up the too many jackets I packed, but this city has welcomed me so warmly. I can’t help but fall in love with it.



Bruna Giampietro, Study Abroad Correspondent

Bruna Giampietro is a junior at Boston University from São Paulo, Brazil. Her major is Public Relations, with a minor in Political Science. Bruna is involved with Alianza Latina, a cultural group that fosters a community for Latinx students at BU. She also hosts “Man Eater,” a feminist radio show on WTBU dedicated to shedding light on a variety of intersectional feminist topics. In her free time, Bruna can be found smashing the patriarchy, eating flamin’ hot cheetos and watching ASMR.

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