COM Grad Social Event: Paint Nite at UNO’s Pizzeria

Public Relations student Sarah Dasher in action at February’s Paint Nite event.

Every semester, COM Graduate Affairs organizes unique social mixers for graduate students. For the Spring 2018 semester, it was Paint Nite, a fun concept where the guests were taught to paint in a casual setting.

The event took place on February 23 at UNO Pizzeria & Grill, located on Beacon Street. Easy to find, UNO has an ambience that is not too loud nor too crowded, which made it a fitting venue for this event.

Paint Nite was held in a bijou section of the pub, where seating arrangements were two rows of tables with canvases and painting tools. Students were asked to arrive a little early  to properly enjoy the selection of pizza and salad arranged specially for this event.

“Everyone’s looked so different and everybody has their own creative take on it,” said Olivia Zed, a Public Relations graduate student.


To make this experience even more laid-back and enjoyable, each student was provided with the opportunity to order two free drinks of his or her choice.

During this two-hour event, students were given a chance to relax and unwind by painting blank canvases to their hearts’ contents–while upbeat music played in the background. Students were provided with their individual canvases, a selection of paints and essential brushes, and an apron to paint in a carefree manner.

“I am so thankful to Grad Affairs who organised this Paint Nite. It feels like a stressbuster, and everything is so exciting,” said Riti Shah, a BU COM graduate student in the Public Relations program. “The core motive behind signing up for this was the need to feel relaxed, because I knew that talking to all my friends and classmates and relaxing while painting was a good idea.”

The event was hosted by a skilled Paint Nite artist, who talked everyone through the process of painting a picture with a backdrop of a night sky and a dense forest in the foreground.

The process of learning was very elementary. The instructor broke down the painting and gave a step-by-step explanation of the procedure. She, along with her assistant, made sure that every student in the room got the required attention and help. The assistant was also equipped with a camera for those who wanted to get a picture taken with their masterpieces.

Students were enthusiastic about the overall result and seemed happy with the whole experience.

“What I liked the most about this event is the fact that even though everybody is painting based off of the same image, everyone’s looked so different and everybody has their own creative take on it,” said Olivia Zed, a COM graduate student in the Public Relations program. “And it is just a nice outlet for this time of the year because of the midterms and everything. It allows you to have some pizza, some drinks, paint, and forget about everything else.”

Based out of Boston, Paint Nite aims to bring creative entertainment to the world. The business conducts various events and has also helped raise over $4,000,000 through its fundraisers. For more information, visit  



Prachi Kabir, Staff Writer

Prachi is a Communication Studies graduate student from India who believes good research is more exhilarating than a good read. Needless to say, she is an avid reader, wannabe wine aficionado, professional daydreamer and hopeful to make a career in PR. Apart from reading, she loves sleeping and eating in no particular order.

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