About Our New Logo: A Letter from The Artist


The COMmunicator is a powerful online publication to connect students with current COM happenings, specifically in Mass Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations, and I felt that the current logo needed a more significant look to complement that identity.

The student-run publication prioritizes its content on alumni, student groups, faculty and their research work, and all other aspects that make up the greatness of the College of Communication. In return, I wanted to represent the vision and culture of the COMmunicator with a respected design.

I gave the logo a fresh look by changing the “thought bubble” to a more modern/minimalist shape and changing the font from a typewriter font to a bold, sans-serif font. When scrolling through endless social media feeds, the logo communicates a defining image.

Going in to the new year, I wanted to create a new logo that would modernize the COMmunicator while retaining the core identity.

For more information about the BU COMmunicator, contact us at bucommunicator@gmail.com.


Multimedia Staff, Eliza Mead 

Eliza is an undergraduate student studying advertising at COM. She is also minoring in Spanish and Art History and has a strong interest in graphic design and photography.

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