25 Graduate Students Volunteer with Cradle to Crayons, sponsored by COM Graduate Affairs

A group of 25 BU COM graduate students volunteered with Cradles to Crayons at The Giving Factory warehouse to help sort and package donations for the homeless and low-income children that the organization serves.

Cradles to Crayons (C2C) is a non-profit organization that works for the welfare of homeless and low-income children living in Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia. They provide clothes, shoes and even diapers to communities to need. In addition to COM, more BU graduate programs have volunteered with C2C, including the School of Dental Medicine for the 2017 Backpack-a-thon.

Tory, a C2C employee, explained how the donations go through an assembly line before being sorted and packaged into kit packs. These kit packs are distributed with the help of social workers who partner with the nonprofit.

The student volunteers checked the quality of the clothes before anything else. “Quality equals Dignity” is the motto for the C2C organization. Clothes had to be scrutinized for rips and stains. If the clothes didn’t fall under the designated sections then they had to be put in the “Need to be sorted” bin. There were sizing instructions that had to be followed precisely while separating the clothes based on age and gender.

This event proved to be a platform where the students could interact with their friends and fellow classmates in a completely different environment. There was a general sense of eagerness from the students to volunteer in an orderly manner.

Sarah Dasher , a graduate student in the public relations (MS) program, shared, “I think it feels really good to give back to your community and especially at this time of the year when you think about kids not having clothes or sheets for their beds. I think it’s really heartbreaking.

Secondly, just spending time with my fellow students is a good way to get to know people a little better outside of school.”

C2C employee Tori explained further steps that the volunteers can take to help C2C outside of their shift. They asked volunteers to donate clothes up to an adult-size medium. These donations could be made at the various C2C drop-off locations and the C2C’s Amazon Wishlist.

“I am glad I made it. It’s an amazing initiative,” BU COM graduate student Riti Shah said. “For about an hour, I sorted clothes that will be sent out to children as their Christmas presents or winter kits. I am surprised to see such generous donations from people because you get the feeling that, yeah, people really want to give back and C2C is helping them do that.”

For more information about Cradles to Crayons, and to learn how you can get involved, visit www.cradlestocrayons.org


Staff Writer Prachi Kabir

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