Three Minutes with Fashion Blogger Claudia Krogmeier (COM’19)

Sophomore and advertising student Claudia Krogmeier has traveled to over 30 countries. Krogmeier has lived in five different places and plans to go abroad next summer to London. When she is not attending Boston University, Krogmeier lives in Manhattan, N.Y. She is interested in pursuing advertising and marketing for fashion/lifestyle.

Take me on a plane ride from when you were born until now.
I was born in California and I lived in San Francisco until I was about four. Then, I moved to Houston [Texas]—and I lived there for three or four years. For middle school, I moved to Singapore, and then I moved back to Houston for seventh and eight grade, and freshman year of high school. For my sophomore, junior, and senior year, I moved back to Singapore. Then, I came to BU, and my dad moved to Houston and my mom moved to New York. So, whenever I am not in school, I am in New York.

How did your education in Singapore differ from your education in America?
I think in terms of the actual education and level of teachers and homework, it was the same. But learning is not limited to the classroom. Just living in Singapore, I traveled to Bali, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia, for weekends, for school, for sports. That is where you really learn.

Do you believe your experiences living around the world adds a new dimension to your education?
One-hundred percent. My experiences made me who I am.

Plane, boat, train, or car? Pick one.

Because I think driving is a great way of seeing a place. You really bond with whoever is in the car.

Does the concept of a new beginning scare or excite you?
Excites me.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I really want to go to India. I am very upset I never went to India when I lived in Singapore. Also, I eventually want to go to Antarctica.

Where do you consider home?
It sounds so cheesy, but where the people I love are. I feel like home is not a physical construct?it is where I feel happiest.

For now, New York.


Shira Levin, Staff Writer

Shira Levin is a sophomore majoring in advertising in the College of Communication. Born and raised in the City of Angeles, Shira is your typical West Coast native attempting to make it through another East Coast winter. Spot her around campus in oversized sunglasses, exercise leggings and blacked-out Nikes.

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