A Slice of London: Finding Avocado Toast Abroad

If there’s one thing I miss about not being in the United States, it’s really good food. Growing up in New York and going to school in Boston has spoiled me with food that makes me miss it more than my friends. Kidding of course, but the sentiment remains while studying abroad in London since finding good places has been a little bit of a struggle. The city isn’t exactly renowned for its cuisine. Where London Town has yet to disappoint me, however, is the great avocado toast.

Here are my top three cafes for the perfect mix of crunchy and creamy, in the form of avocado toast:


London’s response to Boston’s Sweetgreen. This adorable find is a short walk away from BU’s on-site dorm The Sorbonne in South Kensington. With a treehouse-themed interior and promise for wholesome and clean food, you can order just about anything to satisfy your healthy cravings.

Served all day is the avocado toast-the perfect balance of creamy and crunchy (you’ll want two or three more when you’re finished). The avocado is the right texture, the sourdough toast is never too crispy, and the display itself is very Instagram-worthy, ensuing your followers to follow in your footsteps, literally. Top off the toast with one of Squirrel’s juices or homemade teas and you’ll feel energized and ready to take on the day. One bite of this toast and you’ll be back sooner than you think, perhaps to sample the guac-n-roll bowl, which also bursts with flavor.

Farm Girls

Nestled in the quiet, picturesque streets of Notting Hill, made notorious by the 1999 film, is a remote cafe called Farm Girls. Not too far from the Tube, this go-to is located down streets lined with colorful houses crowded with people and their dogs. Farm Girls is a bustling cafe with an amazing atmosphere and even better lattes.

It is the perfect stop for avocado toast and vibrant people. The toast matches this vibrancy. Layered with creamy avocado and topped with pomegranate seeds for an extra hit of sweetness and crunch, this dish holds its own. You’ll want to savor each bite as if it were your last. Washed down with a matcha latte, you’re headed for a very green day, fueled to take on whatever comes your way.

Coco Momo

A little bit closer to home, near the BU building The Crofton, you’ll find Coco Mom. A cute coffee shop by day and restaurant by night. The atmosphere is quaint, the space feels open and welcoming by having a friendly and helpful waitstaff. The menu sparkles with different brunch options, but the main highlight here is the avocado toast. Served with a poached egg and salmon, if you’re feeling adventurous, surrounded by tomatoes drizzled in olive oil, this avocado toast puts the right amount of crunch into your day. It also offers a heartiness that will keep you full, and wanting ‘mo of Momo.


Meredith Wilshere is a BU junior pursuing a dual degree in both PR and English. Recently, she interned at Joie as a sales intern, worked as an office manager at Starbucks and was an intern for Lazard Capital Markets. Before traveling across the pond, Meredith was the Vice President of her sorority and the VP of social media for the ‘Women in Business’ club. In her free time, Meredith writes for both her school’s newspaper and lifestyle magazine, as well as trains for a marathon which she plans to run within the year. She also enjoys reading a good book, traveling to new places and wearing a nice blazer. 

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